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Ok, so I am new. Shoot me!

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I am sorry to make my first post here such a lousy one, but I am new to this and I am confused. First off, do I need to have my own server set up as well as multiple PC's on my own LAN to play GTA multi-player, or can I play online against other people far away like I would if I were playing some other game (i.e. Everquest or Half-Life)?

Best I have gotten so far, is after launching the MTA program and starting the actual game (choosing to play multiplayer GTA at the menu), all I get is the credits for the program and the game never begins. I just see a loop of the credits over and over.

If at all possible, can someone either direct me to a "Setting Up MTA for Dummies" section here on the forums or at the very least give me ste-by-step clear details on how to get this up and running?

Again, I only have my one PC, so I am not sure if I need my own LAN with mulitple PC's here close to my home or if I can play against people living across the country.

Any help is much appreciated. I really am looking forward to using this, and if it works I will have a new vice to occupy my time.

Thanks again.

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