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Not quite what I hopped for.

Do you like the current version of MTA SA?  

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  1. 1. Do you like the current version of MTA SA?

    • I LOVE IT!
    • I like it, but is missing needed options\modes
    • I got bored of it after a few hours

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good to hear 8)

Once we have respawning, mappers will be able to make some sick minded, totally twisted races, as it won't be soo bad anymore if racers die =)

At the moment races have to be very passive in jumps or stunts they do contain, as it is very easy to kill a racer.

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as for the long time waiting -> go FMJ server,many custom maps,wich all have been checked,all the bugged and pointless maps have been removed.

then just another tip,drive safely,and dont give up,no matter how many times u spinned at start,you'll never know.

When doing these 2 things,you will almost never end up waiting more than 2 mins.

And my suggestion for a better gameplay

SA:MP Team and MTA WORK TOGETHER FFS,combining powers will create the ultimate mod

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huh? I know the GTAT and SA MP group were working together at one point, but I thought SA MP was dead, and what remained of it became GTAT'? which IMO- is a very very buggy, crash infested, hardly synched at all multiplayer mod. I am glad it exsits, only to show us why we need MTA lol.

So, keyman and his team, after having quit a long time ago, came back to resume where they left off?........ Ah forget it. I am not gona bother getting excited until there is an actual release, and it actually rocks. That team broke my dreams once, and I ain't getting suckered again easily. :roll:

Competition is good otherwise, as each side is trying to make a better mod then the other. Then again, these 2 teams are trying to make a different online experience....... Which is just a watered down way of saying there is indeed a bitter competition, amungst former best friends turned mortal enemies in this cut-throat biz of winners and losers :lol:

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SA-MP never became of what GTAT was. It had a name change, but decided to change it back to SA-MP due to legal reasons. As much as I hate some of their dev team, I will have to praise of what they did with their mod. It is well synched, and the game modes that they made for the beta is really cool.

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