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Hi . My name is Sophia , I was playing in a server and I insult someone with my friends . But after that when I launch to mta to play I get a message with (DDos) word and not just me also my friends . I'm not know what does mean . So I told to someone that and he recommand me to talk to you . Can you please resolve this problem. My and my friends serials:






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You're the co-owner of a server (R9 Freeroam) that has been banned from MTA because of its leaders and admins constantly engaging in illegal activity (DDoS'ing their own players and other servers).
After this ban, you guys decided to start evading it by switching hosts. This, together with your known involvement in plotting attacks (both in person to your fellow server admins/(co)owners, and on the R9/Morgue Freeroam discord), has resulted in us also banning the server leadership and high admins that we consider taking part in all these illegal acts and evading the actions taken, from MTA. As co-owner of this malicious server, you personally received a permaban, and not everyone involved did.

Please refer to the extended explanation given to the owner (ScreaM) of R9 freeroam:



The owner had been banned for DDoS a few years ago, and after evading it for a while he found his other PC was still banned from the old incident.
He appealed, and got unbanned; it didn't take a week for him to DDoS yet another player. After this, our investigation turned up links between your server and a clan that focusses merely on DDoS activity rather than playing.
It was no surprise that more people, similar to the DDoS'ing owner, were coming together to call R9 Freeroam their home.

Furthermore, we confirmed the spirit that all of the banned server leadership had (and high admins.. not all admins/staff), which was a drive to discuss and execute DDoS attacks.
In the investigation that followed, you weren't compliant and mostly resorted to personal attacks on me, but you gotta realize I got a thick skin and will go far if we need to protect others on MTA against a certain group of individuals.
Besides the original investigation, I have also witnessed all co-owners and admins that are currently banned, discuss new attacks to launch. You quickly wiped the channel and banned me from your discord when you found out.

All bans given are a result of either identification from openly discussing attacks/malicious actions while on the MTA server itself, or solid links between the Discord server tied to R9/Morgue Freeroam in which said individuals were listed as server admins/owners
and discussing attacks, furthermore confirmed in identity and serial by linked activity on the MTA server.

Please don't forget that a reality in which a player needs to use a VPN in order to safely join a certain server (and will be at risk when they piss someone off through gameplay), is one that we will not accept. You guys even went as far as to create "databases" full of aggregated player serial/IP for easy lookup to DDoS them if they frustrated you while on another server.

*Note: this will be a template reply for anyone that will try to appeal a ban like this, we are unfortunately not open for arguing, as I have spent a few hours doing that fruitlessly during my investigation.
Our decisions are final.

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