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speed limit?

Guest Hax0r

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Are u guys just stupid or couldnt u make this script? (sorry =D)

Well we all know that the MTA has been cracked and there are some speedhackers out there.

Well why not just put a script that checks if someone gets over 500kph just gets banned. maby this should be a script for the server so It couldnt be cracked, but I'll just say you should make one and include it in the mta map so that the server maker can use it.

It wouldnt be hard to script anyway...

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You didn't just ask them if they were stupid... did you?

It's not their jobs to write scripts.. and if some little dickhead wants to find it funny bashing our cars 500 feet away with a speedburst mod, we can just ban them.. :)

Plus, no, due to inability to constantly monitor speeds and glitches that would incurr, I don't think that could be practicly applied. :?

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