0905: toggle_door/set_door opcode in LUA?

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Hi, it is possible to use GTA SA opcode 0905(set door object to close, or open) in LUA script? Or how can I create door object(by script), and get possibility to continue script by add options for set this door closeable, or set this door openable?

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45 minutes ago, CodyJ(L) said:


Will freeze the door entirely. 

I saw that yesterday, but I fear this can freeze door in other than closed position. If so, I would need code to check door rotation, but I don't know how dynamic object "swingdoor" is seen by game (does it know present rotation angle of this object).

I know it's possible to do with "lockdoor" object(player can't open this door, door are open only when player get to interior(in SP)), because I saw that on some server, where player can buy apartment, and lock or unlock door(interior isn't in heaven like normal intriors, just in normal SA world).

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If I recall correctly, setElementFrozen will immediately reset the door's rotation to closed position so you don't have to worry about it freezing in the wrong rotation.

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