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dxSetRenderTarget doesn't work like it should


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Hello, can anyone explain why the following code doesn't run?

addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart", resourceRoot,
        myRenderTarget = dxCreateRenderTarget( 80, 100 )    
        dxSetRenderTarget( myRenderTarget )                 
        dxDrawRectangle ( 2, 2, 60, 60, tocolor(255,255,0) ) 
        dxDrawText ( "Hello", 10, 20 )
        dxDrawText ( "Yoo", 10, 40 )
        dxDrawText ( "Ffs", 10, 60 )

addEventHandler( "onClientRender", root,
        if myRenderTarget then
            dxDrawImage ( 100, 200, 80, 100, myRenderTarget )       


This should definitely work, but somehow it ONLY works when the whole code is in 'onClientRender'.

And if i am wrong with that, then also all the documentations of MTA-wiki would be wrong


Yes I got enough free RAM..


My fk*** god...tried to solve it for hours before I created the post..RESTARTING the resource ingame HELPED! I did it from the console all the time -.- 

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