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[DayZ] GTA:SA DayZ Version [UK] | WyeSoft | Interiors | VIP Houses | Levelling/RPG System (Optional) [English/International]

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Hi.  I'm Balrog, a programmer from the UK and the owner of WyeSoft.  WyeSoft began as a software development company, but eventually became involved with running game servers and this turned into our main focus.  We run multiple servers for several different games, including 3 MTA servers with lots of unique features, the most popular of which is our MTA:DayZ server . . .


Videos |  Screenshots 1 |  Screenshots 2


Server address:
Server name: GTA:SA DayZ Version [UK] | WyeSoft | Interiors | VIP Houses | Levelling/RPG System (Optional)

WyeSoft server list:
Community forums:


Server features:

  • Small download when connecting, even for the first time (no compulsory added skin/graphic downloads)
  • Many game mode bugs fixed and features improved
  • Enterable interiors containing loot, etc.
  • VIP houses to store loot in
  • More vehicle types (including aircraft) and more vehicle spawns
  • More loot spawns in the outside world
  • More player spawns
  • New items, including bigger backpacks, EMPs to knock out vehicles and tactical insertions that set the location of your next respawn
  • Lots more player skins available (built-in skins rather than added skins), including a zombie disguise that makes you invisible to zombies
  • Optional level progression / RPG system with spawn item unlocks
  • Shop point currency system - can be traded with other players or spent in the item shop
  • Automated events with shop point and item rewards - war zones, zombie invasions and demolition derbies
  • Demolition derby stadium that can be used at any time, even when there is no event running
  • YouTube cinema theatre that appears on certain nights during the week
  • Optional replacement zombie skins and zombie groan sounds (can be turned on and downloaded after logging in)
  • Ability to take parts from vehicles
  • Ability to glue to vehicles
  • Mini-games - Video Poker, Tetris and Copter, plus several browser-based games
  • Stunt and drift displays
  • Lots of recorded player stats and leaderboards (with daily shop point rewards) for various features
  • Achievement system
  • Unlockable player titles
  • Global chat with separate channels for English and non-English speakers (non-English channel can be hidden)
  • Added anti-cheat system that detects many game mode-specific cheats
  • Friendly and helpful admins
  • Sarcastic chat bot, "Clarice" - answers frequently asked questions and provides occasional entertainment
  • Lots of elaborate secret features and areas
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