Whats your favorite Operating System  

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  1. 1. Whats your favorite Operating System

    • Windows
    • Macintosh
    • Linux
    • Some other OS

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Another wrong assumption....

i love reading your posts man, they are all so misinformed...

Actually, I'm not a fan boy, i work in a computer store, Building & Selling custom build computers.

and here's the deal, i have used so many different operating systems, all for well over 6 months each, (except for Vista, its at the 1 month mark) and i have not found another operating system that is as stable and secure as Linux.

That is all really. its just when some monkey like yourself comes along and says something so retarded like "Vista is faster than Linux" we all get a good laugh, and since I'm the only guy here with an MTA forum login, everyone here's thoughts come through my account, so far you have been talking to about 9 different people. (Yes, its a small store)

Oh yes there are SOME distros of Linux that do run slower than Vista, but they are usually the really crap ones that nobody likes.

and as Paul527 said before,

I'ved used these operating systems:

Windows 3.1

Windows 95

Windows 98/98SE

Windows ME

Windows 2000

Windows XP Home (SP1/SP2)/Pro (SP1/SP2)/MCE 2005.

Windows Vista Home Premium/Ultimate

You've never used anything other than Windows products, so you won't be able to correctly compare Windows to any other operating systems

Or as James just yelled out, "Since you have said yourself that you have not used Linux before, then you have no right to say anything good, bad or otherwise about it because YOU DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT IT!"

or lets see, about this post here....

and I've used Linux for some iPod stuff and its very boring.

Lets see, firstly, "Very Boring" an Operating System isn't supposed to be flashy, its supposed to be a useful platform for running other applications from.

Secondly, all "Flashy" is, it's a way to sell stuff to people who are more interested in looks than anything else.

Need i go on?

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Lets see, iil think of one right now.


i am yest to see a Windows server that is less recourse intensive than Fedora Core.

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Like most people even care about that stuff.

Windows is great for everything else (besides servers).

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.... man, that one even got the Apprentice laughing... and hes dumb as a post.

there is a group of really smart people working at Microsoft.... The Advertising / Marketing Department.

To be able to sell Such Buggy and Inferior software for so long.

that is just pure skill.


and here we are with your "Most people" Crap again.

remember this, "Most people" lets see, globally, over 70% of people are UNDER the average IQ level. the other that are Higher than the Average, are the Minority, yes. but these people actually think, and learn. which is something you could do. you could crawl out of your tiny box and see the bigger picture, I'm not saying that "Linux" is the best, it all depends on the Distro. yes, there are a bunch of crap distro's, but there are also very good ones.

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I've used Linux for several hours doing iPod shit and I was sooooo fucking pissed off at it. It didn't do anything I wanted it to do. It couldn't connect to the internet, anything I wanted to do took forever to load, it was just stupid and pointless.

Windows is way more secure and way more stable.

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Lol, what Distro was it?

and if you couldent get it to connect to the internet, have you never set up a network manually before?

Slow eh? thats either because of the PC's speed, or the Distro itself, or how the Distro was set up.

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Ah SLAX.... Runs off a Bootable CD, Fluxbox / KDE GUI,

Yes, KDE is known to be Slower, but running from a CD it then becomes Amazingly Slow.

As for Network / Internet, that's piss easy. you just have to know all the Manual settings, which aren't hard to find out.

and that's about it really.

The Good thing about "Live CD" Linux's is you don't have to format to use it.

The only thing about "live CD's" thats any good is the fact that you can "try before you format"

They are good for finding out which distro suits you.

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alltho the guy on the right.... he looks funnier in the ORIGINAL photo

he was wearing that helmut and a Yellow suit with Blue Lightstrips around...

and the title was "Dont worry Ma'am, i'm from the internet!

that image would have been better if he was in his original suit.

altho, its funny on its own.

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Soooo much ignorance, so little time.

If someone would like to do what you just said they wouldn't even THINK about Linux.

DazzaJay just said to go and research, you idiot. You aren't making any sense.

Theres still no point in Linux.
Theres NO reason at ALL for Linux.
I still see no reason in having Linux.

You hate everything except Windows. We get it.

What did I do?

What did you do? Hmm, lets see. You come on a forum. You point out your opinion(s) by criticizing things without sources, then, after people say "go research" you just keep talking making yourself look dumber and dumber.

The point of this thread is to ask forums users what OS they prefer, not to bash other operating systems because of fanboyism.

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Lets just call that the end of that. and HOPE that it does not continue.

Now, lets all get back to topic, which is: What is your Favorite OS.

Not Bash the crap out of every OS that you don't like.

So lets put the topic back to that.

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Let's see, I like Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 2. I've also used Ubuntu Linux which is really nice. I've also used a 1980's NEC computer, but i dont know what OS that has, but that's also nice as well.

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i just remembered another OS i once used....

the Commodore 64 one.


i had 2 Commodore 64's

they were Awesome before i got my 486DX (first tower PC)

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Favorite OS: Windows XP Home SP2 (installed on my current system)

Favorite Server OS: Linux Fedora Core 1

PS - I've also used Mac OS9 but prefer Windows XP over Mac.

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Favorite OS? I have none because I have not really used Mac's long enough. Although between Windows and GNU/Linux I have to say GNU/Linux is overall my favorite OS because of its openness, no vendor lock-in, nice dev tools, flexibility with the core OS, and more.

I will say that I dual boot to XP Pro SP2 because of GNU/Linux's lack of popular game title support. *nix also has issues listing supported hardware right of the box. However they are getting better at getting lots of hardware supported and will continue to get better.

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Meh... I like (and actually use the most) Windows. Easiest to pirate, easiest to set up, and pretty much everything is built to work with it.

I hope someday that linux will overtake Winblows; but for the time being, I think it's a necessary evil I've learned to live with.

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and pretty much everything is built to work with it.

If big program companys made all thier apps compadible with Windows, mac and linux.... then there would really be nothing "forcing" people to stay on windows....

it would be interesting to see wich OS came out on top after that....

but that will never happen.

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Still (for me), since i've been using Vista Ultimate, i've loved it.

Yeah I won't be getting Vista until I get a better computer, since I hear it is resource heavy. Also, XP is enough for me.

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For gaming: Windows XP

For Other Shitzz: Windows Vista Ultimate

For Server Hosting: Linux

I got em all =D


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Don't post for post count, If you really didn't like Windows, Mac, or Linux, you would have voted for the "Some other OS" option, and then stated what that OS is in your post.

Posting useless 1 word posts is the work of SanZor.

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I go old school, hands up for the Atari 8-bit Operating Systems !

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