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Skip duplicated table values

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I'm using gridlist sections for weapon classes. I have stored my weapon data in table and i have set each weapon it's own class.

So my problem is this:

It creates section for every weapon, but it should skip if there is already section for class.

Here's how it looks now and how it should not look:




prices = {
	{ name="Shotgun", id=25, ammo=30, price=700, class="Shotguns", type="everyone" };
	{ name="Sawed-off", id=26, ammo=30, price=650, class="Shotguns", type="everyone" };
	{ name="Combat Shotgun", id=27, ammo=30, price=800, class="Shotguns", type="everyone" };
	{ name="Uzi", id=28, ammo=60, price=500, class="Sub-Machine Guns", type="everyone" };
	{ name="MP5", id=29, ammo=60, price=600, class="Sub-Machine Guns", type="everyone" };
	{ name="Uzi", id=32, ammo=60, price=500, class="Sub-Machine Guns", type="everyone" };
	{ name="AK-47", id=30, ammo=60, price=800, class="Assault Rifles", type="everyone" };
	{ name="M4", id=31, ammo=60, price=1000, class="Assault Rifles", type="everyone" };
	{ name="Rifle", id=33, ammo=60, price=2000, class="Rifles", type="everyone" };
	{ name="Sniper", id=34, ammo=60, price=3000, class="Rifles", type="everyone" };
	{ name="Rocket Launcher", id=35, ammo=20, price=7000, class="Heavy Weapons", type="Vip" };
	{ name="Heat-Seeking Rocket Launcher", id=36, ammo=20, price=1000, class="Heavy Weapons", type="Vip" };
	{ name="Minigun", id=38, ammo=2000, price=10000, class="Heavy Weapons", type="Vip" };


function drawWeaponsTable(weapons, isVip, vip_discount)
	local weapons = fromJSON(weapons)
	local t = {}
	for i=1, #weapons do
		local value = weapons[i]["class"]
		if t[value] == nil then
			table.insert(t, value)
			local row = guiGridListAddRow(gridlist)
			guiGridListSetItemText(gridlist, row, 1, value, true, false)
		local row = guiGridListAddRow(gridlist)
		guiGridListSetItemText(gridlist, row, 1, weapons[i]["name"], false, false)

Hope you understand something :D

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