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Hello everyone 9_9
Today I've finished my new script : GCSS

Details about this script : This is a system which allows you to chatting with other players on another server
So when you open the panel, you will see on the left : The players on your current server
On the right it's the Messages box, You will receive the messages from the players on your server and the players on the second server
And in : Manage GCSS Tab which is for admins you will see a place to update admin message & Check new updates of the script
Also you've a smiles in the script : Emoji window

Note : Minimum MTA:SA Version to run all features is : 1.5.4


Other Features :

You can customize your messages color, All players will see the new color on each servers ( Default color is White ).
You can press on "Do Not Disturb[ Silent Mode ]" checkBox to mute the alerts of the system and chatBox messages.

Tutorial about how to use the script :

Note : Do not edit the resource name, to avoid issues.

1- Write this code in a blank space in the ACL file for each servers :


<group name="OutRPCGroup">
    <acl name="OutRPC" />
    <object name="resource.GCSS_Professional" />
<acl name="OutRPC">
    <right name="function.callRemote" access="true" />
<group name="InRPCGroup">
    <acl name="InRPC" />
    <object name="user.http_guest" />
<acl name="InRPC">
    <right name="resource.GCSS_Professional.http" access="true" />

2- Go to "Settings.lua" file and edit the following :

adminGroup_Permissions = 'Admin'; -- ***Edit this group name to your Admins group to give full permissions / leave if it's the same name.

ManageGCSS_AccessTable = { 'Console', 'Admin', 'GCSS_Manager' }; -- ***Edit : This is the groups which can access "Manage GCSS" tab.

local server_ip = ''; -- ***Put the server ip & port for each server you want to communicate with.

-- Do not edit the codes below.

addEvent( 'onServerSendMessage', true )
addEventHandler( 'onServerSendMessage', root,
function( message )
	local name = getPlayerName( source )
		local data = getElementData( source, 'GCSS:MessageColor' )
			local message = '[onPort:'..getServerPort(  )..'][ '' ] : '..message
		callRemote( server_ip, 'default', 10, 10000, getResourceName( getThisResource( ) ), 'SendGlobalMessage', callBack, message, data[1], data[2], data[3] )
	triggerClientEvent( root, 'onClientReceiveMessage', source, message, data[1], data[2], data[3] )
end )

Note : You need to install the resource on each servers by use the following :
On the first server : Write the ip & port of the second server & Run the resource
On the second server : Write the ip & port of the first server & Run the resource


Note : You can found the key to open the script in : "OpenKey.lua" file.


Some pictures :

Main panel & Customize panel & Emoji panel
Manage GCSS Tab


Note : All shared GCSS Scripts are Demo, To Purchase full open source script or get a special edits :
Contact the programmer[Me] on E-mail : or .
*Purchase Price :

*Current version is : 1.0.0 

*Download : Press on me :). 

Note : If you have any issues, please write a comment.

If you have a new ideas to develop the script, please write a comment on the topic
Do not forget to rate the script by percentage% in a comment 

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On 10/1/2017 at 13:32, MR.StoRm said:

Nice System
Keep Going .. 

Thanks for comment bro :) .

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