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Found 4 results

  1. Sziasztok, letöltöttem 1 mta modot, mivel a haveromékkal leülünk gépezni akkor így szórakozni szoktunk, és minden lan végén resetelni szeretném a karaktereket, hogy minden jármű eltünjön meg mindenünk mivel, másnap úgy is más autókkal megyünk, és a resetcharacter nem működik, online szerverre nem terveztem, mivel ha terveznék akkor saját moddal, így csak lanra kell ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------RESETCHARACTER--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- function resetCharacter(thePlayer, commandName, ...) if exports.saf_global:isPlayerAdmin(thePlayer) then if not (...) then outputChatBox("#7cc576[SeeMTA]: #FFFFFF/" .. commandName .. " [Karakter pontos neve]", thePlayer, 255, 255, 255, true) else local character = table.concat({...}, "_") if getPlayerFromName(character) then kickPlayer(getPlayerFromName(character), "Karakter viszaállítás") end local result = dbPoll ( dbQuery( connection, "SELECT id, account FROM characters WHERE charactername='??' LIMIT 1", character), -1 ) local charid = tonumber(result[1]["id"]) local account = tonumber(result[1]["account"]) if charid then -- delete all in-game vehicles for key, value in pairs( getElementsByType( "vehicle" ) ) do if isElement( value ) then if getElementData( value, "owner" ) == charid then destroyElement( value ) end end end dbPoll ( dbQuery( connection, "DELETE FROM vehicles WHERE owner = '?'", charid), -1 ) -- un-rent all interiors local old = getElementData( thePlayer, "dbid" ) setElementData( thePlayer, "dbid", charid ) local result, sorszam = dbPoll ( dbQuery( connection, "SELECT id FROM interiors WHERE owner = '?' AND type != 2", charid), -1 ) if result and sorszam > 0 then for _, row in ipairs(result) do local id = tonumber(row["id"]) end end setElementData( thePlayer, "dbid", old ) -- get rid of all items, give him default items back dbPoll ( dbQuery( connection, "DELETE FROM itemek WHERE tipus = 1 AND tulaj = '?'", charid), -1 ) -- delete wiretransfers dbPoll ( dbQuery( connection, "DELETE FROM wiretransfers WHERE `from` = '?' OR `to` = '?'", charid, charid), -1 ) -- set spawn at unity, strip off money etc dbPoll ( dbQuery( connection, "UPDATE characters SET x=1742.1884765625, y=-1861.3564453125, z=13.577615737915, rotation=0, faction_id=-1, faction_rank=0, faction_leader=0, weapons='', ammo='', car_license=0, gun_license=0, hoursplayed=0, timeinserver=0, transport=1, lastarea='El Corona', money=250, bankmoney=500, interior_id=0, dimension_id=0, health=100, armor=0, radiochannel=100, fightstyle=0, pdjail=0, pdjail_time=0, restrainedobj=0, restrainedby=0, hunter=0, stevie=0, tyrese=0, rook=0, fish=0, truckingruns=0, truckingwage=0, blindfold=0, phoneoff=0 WHERE id = '?'", charid), -1 ) outputChatBox("Lenulláztad " .. character .. " vagyonát.", thePlayer, 0, 255, 0) if (getElementData(thePlayer, "hiddenadmin")==0) then local adminTitle = exports.saf_global:getPlayerAdminTitle(thePlayer) exports.saf_global:sendMessageToAdmins("" .. tostring(adminTitle) .. " " .. getPlayerName(thePlayer) .. " visszaállította " .. character .. " karaktert.") end else outputChatBox("Nem találom: " .. character, thePlayer, 255, 0, 0) end end end end addCommandHandler("resetcharacter", resetCharacter)
  2. hello . where to put gamemode files like zombie mode and how to choose from multipale gamemodes
  3. Alguém tem dicas de recursos bons para jogos em LAN. Estou criando novos recursos voltados para jogos em LANs e preciso conhecer melhor o que já existe.
  4. gasshat

    LAN game issue

    I'm trying to play MTA local with a friend. We recently got it to work, how I don't know. Now every time we try to play, the servers show up, but we can't play together. On each other's computers, the server listings always say 0 people are on, and the pings are also different. We're on ipv4, we're on the same network, we fixed the firewall issue, we're using the server configuration command prompt thingy, and nothing is working. A little help? Also, before any of you make a rude response that in no way answers the question (>:(): I READ THE ****ING MANUAL