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Found 21 results


    So hello I want to create a PUBG mod server, but I don't know how to create the gamemode. I want to create a lobby for players to play together. I also want to do the circle, you know, if you are not in the circle u will die or lost hp, i want to display it in the map, and after minutes it will be smaller and the end itt freeze. Can somebody help me?
  2. Hi, the problem in race gamemode is when i have money, and start a new map, the money will reset to 0. How to fix this irritating problem?
  3. When i try to change from "play" to another gamemode like "race", i get this problem: [2017-10-06 03:04:03] Stopping play [2017-10-06 03:04:03] Stopping freeroam [2017-10-06 03:04:04] startResource: Failed to start resource 'race' [2017-10-06 03:04:04] ERROR: mapmanager\mapmanager_main.lua:376: mapmanager: gamemode resource could not be started.
  4. Dear users, I searched in the Internet and I found some mods for RPG, but they are dated 7-8 years ago. I'd to create a new gamemode (with tecnologies in 2017), with roleplay gaming, and to use mysql to store data. Some ideas to beginning? Thanks
  5. Hello there, I am with you with LVDM gamemode. It's a Deathmatch-like script. I've left MTA for a couple months now so it has its missing things, not technically though, everything works fine with zero errors. I'm talking about the ideal part, such as, usage of money is limited, the ways to earn money is also. If you could add some features into it you'll be fine, I guess. About the code, it's not really "clean" as it was not the plan to publish it in the first place. But once you get used to it, you'll get the mechanism and make changes very easily. REQUIREMENTS -A MySQL server -A MTA server (obviously) -Changes in [Files]\[sacrum]\database\database.lua INSTALLATION -First things first, make sure you make your changes in mtaserver.conf I am providing and then add it on your server. -Grab a MySQL server and install [Files]\[sacrum]\lvdm_core\core.sql -Put your MySQL details into [Files]\[sacrum]\database\database.lua -You might wanna change [Files]\[sacrum]\lvdm_helpmanager\helpmanager_list.lua ABOUT I've started the project more than 1 year ago, with hope to enjoy it with some friends as we are more used to Deathmatches, not as in Race but with guns. Completed the gamemode and then I got busy with work so it went downhill real quick. It has its potentials if you take care of the server and do what needs to be done. GAMEMODE -Gameplay: There are 7 classes in the gamemode, selected after you register. Each and every class has its own ability which can be activated by the player. For instance, a player in sniper class can go stealth mode and gain invisibility. Weapons are also given by the player's class. Although you can get more weapons after you kill a player and collecting their weapons. Of course, there is a weapon list and you need to add your desired weapons on there to be able to collect them. You can organize your list at Emmet's place. (the brown colt45 icon) -Bases: There are a few gang bases which are capturable by gangs. So that the competetion goes in right direction. A base gives you opportunity to buy weapons inside, be more secure, gain loot every hour. Loot can only be collected by the owner of the clan. -Making Money: Missions; Black Export: Find the wanted vehicle and deliver it to the truck blip. Assassinations: Kill the wanted player., Crack the safe: Find the safe's number to get all the money in it ('$' blip). Deathmatches. Hourly deathmatches. Get money and exp for killing ('D' blip). -Abilities: Abilities are passive buffs additionally selected by the player when reached to certain level. You can choose/manage your abilities at 'Z' blip. Every column on the abilities list needs a certain level limit to unlock. -Housing: You can buy houses around the map and spawn in them. To toggle spawn blips press 'o'. NOTES -You can edit/change the gamemode. -Do not delete ["Changelog"] [Files]\[sacrum]\lvdm_helpmanager\helpmanager_list.lua SCREENSHOTS Download link:!Y4hVnThS!9ewKBvY6WdAQWAD3WoaEAmHOLJz03SJE_gjnJhKZ3ok
  6. Hola que tal en esta oportunidad deseo conseguir un vps , o quien me de apoyo para abrir un nuevo servidor con la cual cuento con una gm propia y modificada , el modo de juego es dayz-pvp
  7. Idea: Creating a marker on Map "Draqonlife" (gamemode play), which leads you to to another map. In this case "DraqonDocks" (gamemode race). known issues to be ignored: event triggers any marker known issues to be fixed: after gamemode change, the map wont change. Marker.lua : >Creates a marker (works) >Triggers player on entering and leaving any Marker (works) >Starts gamemode race (works) ! Does not start Map ! !! No error when map does not start !! !! ERROR: lobby/ChangeMode.lua:7: attempt to call global 'changeGamemodeMap' (a nil value) !! resourceRoot = getResourceRootElement() function onCurrentResourceStart(Draqonlife) local resourceName = getResourceName(Draqonlife) outputChatBox("Hello and welcome to " .. resourceName .. "!") Marker = createMarker (2860, -2115, 10, "corona", 4.0, 0, 0, 255, 255) -- create Marker end addEventHandler("onResourceStart", resourceRoot, onCurrentResourceStart) //Create Marker function MarkerHit( hitElement, matchingDimension ) local elementType = getElementType( hitElement ) local resource = getResourceFromName ("race") -- | this works, startResource( resource ) -- | really good tho --local resource = getResourceFromName ("DraqonDocks") --startResource( resource ) // If I try to start the map Resource directly after the race resource, // the Map resource wont load up end addEventHandler( "onMarkerHit", root, MarkerHit) //Should start gamemode race (and map) function MarkerLeave( leaveElement,matchingDimension) local elementType = getElementType( leaveElement ) local resource = getResourceFromName ("DraqonDocks") -- |Also not working, server ignores this line, startResource( resource ) -- |as it Ignores this line too. end addEventHandler( "onMarkerLeave", root, MarkerLeave ) ChangeMode.lua > My Idea to fix this problem --Thats why i want to import the mapmanager (or the function changeGamemodeMap) --Sadly I found no useful documentation for my case. --adding <exports.mapmanager:changeGamemodeMap/> to the meta.xml of the scripts didnt work function changeGamemodeMap() changeGamemodeMap("DraqonDocks", "race") -- this doesnt work end addCommandHandler("420", changeGamemodeMap) ___________________________________________________________________________________________ It would be very kind if someone could enlight me and give me a short introduction to using mapmanagers functions properly. Sadly the Mapmanager post in wiki didnt help me too much. If you find a fix for the existing (half working) Marker.lua, then I'd be really glad too I would love to get feedback and already thank everyone
  8. Estou criando um script de eventos, nesse script o admin pode criar 1 evento de cada vez e os jogadores podem participar caso queiram. O que estou com dificuldade seria para eventos de corrida, pois como a maioria deve saber, os mapas de corrida simplesmente não funcionam se não estiver no gamemode race. Só que se eu alterar o gamemode do server, vai mudar para todo mundo, inclusive pra quem não está participando do evento. Eu gostaria de saber se é possível alterar o gamemode para somente alguns jogadores ou então algum jeito de ativar um mapa de corrida específico sem alterar o gamemode atual do servidor. O mapa é escolhido no script de evento pelo admin. Eu estava dando uma olhada no resource 'race' e vi que ele ativa uma série de outros resources junto, como por exemplo o votemanager dos mapas, placares, contagem regressiva, tempo de corrida, etc...No meu script a maioria deles não será necessário. No gamemode race, ele carrega outro mapa de corrida automaticamente após terminar a corrida atual, mas no meu script o evento deve terminar e os jogadores voltam para a posição que estavam antes de participar.
  9. i added DD maps, but doesn't working.. when i connect the server, show votemanager, i vote for example 7, and the map does not start.. Why? -.-
  10. Any ideas for "what-do" in Gamemode?

    Hello. Unfortunately, i don't have any idea to add something like "what-do", or "point-of-gamemode" to my mode. The gamemode is in theme "stargate", and it's full-my work, except one map (Shooter map, made by EDOS & Ron1), default San Andreas world (world objects) is (are) deleted, so everything what you do and where are you , everything is made by my own map, scripts. But the gamemode has no point, no reason why play it more than 10 minutes (or until you explore all worlds). There are lot of worlds, very lot, they are limited by size, you can do here except walking - nothing. I tried to make some "missions", what earns you money, yes there are they (like "parkour" with bike, motorbike, monster) but that's all. I'm out of ideas. Do you have any idea?
  11. hello guys, i'm making my own gamemode but i have a problem, when the map starts the player fall in the water because the map download isn't finished. how can i checks if the map download finished? What functions should i use? Greetings.
  12. اتركم مع هذا الفيديو الارتجالي ولآن مع بعض الصور soon... والآن مع التحميل لا اله الا الله محمد رسول الله .. اضغط هنا والسلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
  13. help with game mode

    hello . where to put gamemode files like zombie mode and how to choose from multipale gamemodes
  14. Hi everyone, i need your help. I looked everywhere and found nothing, someone have the scripts for this gamemode? The gamemode is: Zombie pvp, player vs player, but in infection mode, similiar to call of duty infection mode. I include a video of the gamemode: Regard! and help !
  15. Hola gente que tal. Nececito ayuda con unos scripts que no encuentro, Son de un gamemode de zombies vs players pvp, sobre que un jugador comienza siendo zombie y tiene que infectar a los demas jugadores,mientras que los supervivientes tienen que matarlos y tal. Yo hace unos años jugaba ese modo en otro sv, y quiero volver a jugarlo.¿Alguien sabe si todavia existen o conoce a los creadores? Me ayudaria muchisimo que alguien me responda. Gracias de antemano. Tambien incluyo un video donde se muestra el modo de juego si no entendieron:
  16. [POLL] your roleplay experience

    Hello everyone! I want to ask you few questions. If you have 2 minutes and you are roleplay player, please visit this link: It will help me a lot, so don't hesitate to share it. Thank you in advance!
  17. Request 5 HELP

    Help, I can't find gamemode - FREEROAM with ranking system and no deathmatch mode (green shirt). I see every server has that new gamemode. For example when teleporting in to a destination you will land with parachute.... etc... In that freeroam gui (F1) there is also walking and fighting styles..... I really need that gamemode , I dont know how to get it, please ! I can't insert photo here for example...
  18. [RACE] Reiko's map-pack 2016

    Hi There. I want to share my race maps with you. This pack consist of 40 exclusive maps made for the race Game Mode (absolutely FREE) created throughout the year 2016. Please, you mustn't say that you created the maps, respect others work. Hope you'll have lots of fun with them! DOWNLOAD LINK!: Dropbox: Optional links: Mediafire: Mega:!QFZwga4T!KUtDobHDu3JWIXR62hlCBcqUsRO2Aex8Rt6gs-jWHkg INFO: Map list: Circuits: 1 - Oxalis (Turismo) - (download individual map) 2 - Patagonia (Comet) - (download individual map) 3 - Fitzroya (Bullet) - (download map individual) 4 - Snowpiercer (Infernus) - (download individual map) 5 - Cold Eyes (Turismo) - (download individual map) City maps: 6 - A Day in Tierra Robada (Jester) - (download individual map) 7 - CHINGU (Comet) - (download individual map) 8 - Community Service (Pizzaboy - Ambulance - Police LS - Fire Truck - Taxi) - (download individual map) 9 - Company Man (Buffalo) - (download individual map) 10 - Craft Brewery (Sultan) - (download individual map) 11 - Festuca (Bullet) - (download individual map) 12 - Gasoline in my Veins (Phoenix) - (download individual map) 13 - Ice Mountain (Flash) - (download individual map) 14 - IRIS (Cheetah) - (download individual map) 15 - Marrying the Mafia (Turismo) - (download individual map) 16 - Over My Dead Body (Sultan) - (download individual map) 17 - Ready For The Victory 1 (Flash) - (download individual map) 18 - Ready For The Victory 2 (Flash) - (download individual map) 19 - Ready For The Victory 3 (Flash) - (download individual map) 20 - Soul Of Hotknife (Hotknife) - (download individual map) 21 - Supa Save! (Elegy) - (download individual map) 22 - The Sultan's Ballad (Sultan) - (download individual map) 23 - The Suspect LS (Sultan) - (download individual map) 24 - The Suspect LV (Sultan) - (download individual map) 25 - The Suspect SF (Sultan) - (download individual map) Offroad: 26 - Forest, Lake and Hills (Sandking) - (download individual map) 27 - In The Middle Of Nowhere (Sandking) - (download individual map) 28 - Sandking is Calling (Sanking) - (download individual map) 29 - Wild Sultan (Sultan) - (download individual map) Motorcycles: 30 - Burning Passion (FCR-900) - (download individual map) 31 - In The Buff (Sanchez) - (download individual map) 32 - Pineapple Express (Sanchez) - (download individual map) Planes: 33 - Jet Airliner (Hydra) - (download individual map) Others: 34 - Cave Escape (Sanchez) - (download individual map) 35 - CoDEx City (NRG-500) - (download individual map) 36 - Jeepers Creepers (BMX) - (download individual map) 37 - Karting Roses (Kart) - (download individual map) 38 - Locomotion Sanchez (Sanchez) - (download individual map) 39 - The Master's Sun (Comet) - (download individual map) 40 - War Zone Escape (Patriot) - (download individual map) MORE RACE MAPS: RG's MAP-PACK VIDEOS: FULL PLAYLIST:
  19. Couldn't load edf file

    Hi all, I'm trying to make a gamemode for my server, but I have a problem. meta.xml: <meta> <info author="Humber" version="1.0" name="ZombieWar" type="gamemode" edf:definition="edf/ZombieWar.edf" /> </meta> ZombieWar.edf: <def name="Zombie War"> <element name="spawnpoint" friendlyname="Spawnpoint"> <data name="position" type="coord3d" default="0,0,0" /> </element> </def> Debugscript: ERROR: [editor]/edf/edf.lua:220: zombiewar: couldn't load edf file Help please
  20. [Selling] UCD - RPG

    Hi, After 2 years of development, refinement and testing, I finally released UCD. It was the 29th of July (30th for me) and I was stoked. Finally released my server I (and a select few others) had worked so hard on. It was up for a week before I decided that I was going to move on from MTA. I could give a speech about how it isn't what it used to be, but I don't want to bore you all. So the dream kind of died when I lost interest in dealing with the community. I spent a lot of time and effort on this server, so I figured someone else might find some use out of it. I started to develop this server when I knew nothing about Lua, so a lot of things were rewritten over and over. I feel as though that guarantees some kind of quality. I dunno. I guess the repetition to find the right way kind of makes it good. Preface: It's basically a CIT rip off. This server features: - Stock market (players loved this) - Turfing system - Account + login system (integrated with MTA account system, doesn't store passwords on a database) - Made to work with MySQL - Vehicle system - Housing system with coordinates (covers like 60% of the map, you can add more) - Intensive logging - Phone system (like CIT's) - House robbing - Old CIT style bank robbery (map and everything) - Custom mod downloader system - Two different dx message outputs (with exports) - Pilot job (with ranks) - Trucker job (with ranks) - Full law system - Stats panel - Fully fledged group system with custom ranks, custom permissions, etc (like CIT's) - Admin panel (mutes, bans, jails etc) - Jail system (CnR and admin jails) - Builder where you can build bases in-game (, it has a lot of features that would take me a long time to list. I developed it to be as user-friendly as possible (but didn't make a tutorial - how thoughtful). There aren't any hidden commands, which is good. The design is made to be simple and nice. The interfaces are spaced nicely. Overall, a lot of effort has been put it in and it really shows. Group system: Credits: - Noki - Risk - Carl/Rizk I have the database and everything for it. I have the domain "" as well. Add me on Skype to discuss ( or email me at hello@ucdmta,com or I am willing to discuss overs and negotiate. More screenshots will be posted if I manage to find any.