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  1. Man i remember watchin the show back in the day with my grandpa....wow i cant beleive eddie is gone thats so sad. R.I.P
  2. Yeah i would get both but vice city first if you can only get one at a time since there is currently multiplayer for it and then san andreas.
  3. i wouldnt doubt it...they look like they where.correct me if im wrong though.
  4. Hey i just got done with this one... Ill stop posting my sigs though some ppl might get annoyed with it.
  5. Heres my skill lol.... http://img276.imageshack.us/img276/4862/lpjoefmb5ab.gif or
  6. Thats mine...made it my self lol.
  7. All i ever see is he punches the driver then poles'em out and if u jack it from the passenger side with a passenger in it you bang there head against the dashboard. Thats all i have seen so far.
  8. Hey if you guys goto planetgrandtheftauto.com (sorry if posting that was against the rules) the owner of the site made some SA videos of him playing it. Might wanna head over there and check it out.
  9. When you get this mod installed yu'll love it and the creators of it its soo fun. Types of gameplay that are on all servers for sure are at least deathmatch or stunt and some have there own types of servers like hitman and stuff. There are usually on the better serrver about 10-15 ppl sometimes more. The default gametypes (deathmatch and stunt) last as long as the server is up or changed to a difforent mode. The good servers almost never have lag but sometimse they do b/c of cheaters or hackers or just ppl with bad connections. So thats all i can really think about now to answer your questions
  10. I found a online store that had them so im gonan order it and it really hope it works since im gonna get SA a few days after it comes out.
  11. Hey guys i was taking apart my PS2 b/c it was running funny so i thought it was dusty so when i was taking apart i ended up screwing up this thing that connects the controler plugin in thing to the PS2 its self and i was wondering do any of you guys know where i could possibly buy that part online or a store that might carry it? Again it connects the controller plug in thing to the PS2 and it is black and has alotta small wires inside the black protection coating. So if you can help me please post back or get ahold of me.
  12. I hate bush alot but kerry wouldnt be all that great of a president either i mean yeah hopefully he wouldnt lead us into WW3 like bush will if re-elected but the stuff he would do would be bad and he keeps changing his sides i have noticed when i watch the news. So my opinion is whoever gets elected better not this contry anymore!
  13. Man its so sad that Rodney died he was soooo dang funny and he never got the respect he deserved! According to AIM news it said he died at 82.
  14. Ok sorry i didnt know wich one to put this thread in sorry about that. I know that mta doesnt support mods so i was planing on turning them off before i went into mta and played.
  15. Hey guys ive been looking for VCMM veriosn 1.1 and i cant find it anyone know where i can get it?? Also anyone know of any other great sites like codenamevicecity.com that has lots of VCMM mods??
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