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  1. Celeron processors are junk man. You need an Intel Pentium 4 HT Processor. I have a stable connection on my hewlett packard notebook and I use Intel Centrino HT Processor. My suggestion to you is try to get rid of that celeron processor and have it changed at a computer store to Intel Pentium 4 Processor with HT (hyper-threading). It should cost about 60 bucks if you give them your celeron processor. Trust me if you do this and have a stable ping #, you'll be fine because you have geforce.
  2. True Crumes: Streets Of L.A Sucked. The storyline was terrible, the graphics and effects were terrible, and there were too many glitches on the PC version. I hope that they said MTA was better. Lmao!
  3. discussion was after mta came out rockstar wanted to make gtasa online but couldn't because they were to far into the creation. and it's not supposed to come out for xbox until a year after its been on ps2. rumors have said anyways.
  4. When there are two people in the car or more, everyone except the driver should be able to hand outside the windows and shoot at oncoming traffic and other MTA players! It'd be kinda kik ass if there was a mod to that or where u can throw hand grenades out of the car at players! The force is strong with this one
  5. no one is hacking they just. they just talkin like they are. lol
  6. O ic. I got t1 so it can't be my connection or lag. I dunno i'll figure it out. Thanx for your help and replys
  7. Sry you misunderstood me. I meant the first person point of view but i need to know, where can I get it. I can't find it any where.
  8. What is FPS and where can I get it?
  9. Whenever I run SOmeone over, or blo the shit out of their car, they are fine and run away. And they never run out of ammo. How did they get infinite health and ammmunition? please tell me
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