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  1. [ULK]BioHazarD


    irc.gtanet.com #ULK www.ulk-gang.com We're still around, step by and reminisce.
  2. [ULK]BioHazarD


    Still alive and on the same channel and network that Bishop posted above.
  3. [ULK]BioHazarD


    That's awesome. So which Vice do you roll in? That thread injected with me a tiny feeling of nostalgia, if there's any mod worth playing (well or anyone to play with) I might even install the game.
  4. [ULK]BioHazarD


    hey, there's still a thread left for the gang awesome. the old IRC server is still in use, or you guys occupy another one?
  5. [ULK]BioHazarD


    Allah akbarr, ha. Good luck and stuff.
  6. anyone knows if the hotdog song is still uploaded somewhere?
  7. Come to think of it, Cidade de Deus was probably better than Miller's Crossing :]
  8. [ULK]BioHazarD


    Didn't know head was alive ;-o
  9. Miller's Crossing; out of those Scarface.
  10. Well it starts up if you persist on resetting the game path and restarting client, in my case it did like once out of 7 times and then with the weird names. Mostly it crashed on main menu, yeah. http://www.xfire.com/profile/hazardster it did start up a couple of times, coudn't play long enough to get an hour full though.
  11. Okay I figured out what caused this. I just have to turn off xfire while playing. As long as this isn't running these problems don't occure.
  12. Nope, I didn't change anything and I'm sure of that because only a couple of hours before this started I was able to play normally. Mmm drivers, why should they become a problem, if the game has ran perfectly on those for a long time,,,
  13. BUMP - No-one really has a clue. I now tried switching Vice City versions, downloaded 1.1 and tried with it. The problem is STILL there.
  14. Well this is something different I guess.. Probably a racing clan or something..
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