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  1. its my firts ban, здравствуйте, можете меня разбанить пожалуйста, меня заблокировали за использование спуфера на форке проекта мта, но это было 2 года назад, даже разработчик этого проекта не против, чтобы я там поиграл, если хотите, он может напишу вам, у меня не бан на его проекте, а глобальный бан в мте, поэтому я не могу к нему зайти очень вас уважаю серийный номер AC1B7C9DA619B53E329F7840F28F1BB4
  2. hello, you can please unban me, I was blocked for using a spoofer on the fork of the mta project, but that was 2 years ago, even the developer of this project doesn't mind me playing there, if you want, he can write to you, I don't have a ban on his project, but a global ban in the mta, so I can't go to him I respect you very much serial num AC1B7C9DA619B53E329F7840F28F1BB4
  3. Hello,dear Dutchman,and others. I ask you to unban me, I take away the work of volunteers, and the administration of mta, I play on mta forks, and there they gave me a punishment, my friends said try the program to get around the punishment not in the official mta, but on the fork, I tried, but then I was given a global ban, that I can not go anywhere that is connected with mta, please remove the block, respectfully! I was wrong. My serial number:AC1B7C9DA619B53E329F7840F28F1BB4
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