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  1. yo, looks like im in the place to be, im smokin laced weed my gats made of glass, whose this 'vass'? looks like ima have to bust a couple caps up in his ass you cant rap, so shut ya face so take ya buzz and leave this place better leave b4 my clips' replaced and now i gotta go grab my ak's and barettas cuz another fag named vendetta, wanna play? but hey dont even think im gay, im straight dont worry i feel for you, except its hate
  2. what the hell happened to this thread? i thought all the gay lines could have been said i know this thread is for rhyming, but oh hey, bitch you're here, good timing sl*t oh yea back to what i was talking bout ah f*ck it, you dont learn, thats it, im walkin out. peace
  3. ok now i got someone to spit with, finally [On the Blvd: Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg ~ Think of this beat if u know it] so we got some bullshit, this n***a noztek tryna pull shit s'f**kin wit me, f**Kin wit the best there ever be remember me cuz you bout to catch a case gun up to ya face with haste and BLAOW! brain fragments all ova da place and this ish goes out to the whole f**kin' crew now they know im the realest nukka that they eva knew you aint sellin coke, bet u never smoked a toke an if you do sell coke, consider yourself extorted an im comin for ALLLLLL the money that you hoard
  4. Yall thought this was gonna be the end of this thread, but but the needles in the red and the biscuits to ya head and ready bust lead, dont hold me responsible for my actions, b, ill have you gone like a little boy walkin down Michael Jacksons street, im packin heat at all times and all the dope rhymes in here go straight to the mac-10, thats what ya used to call me back then, now im back and clever and better than ever so grab a the clip throw in the mac, put it in the air c0ck it back and lick shots like ya just dont care, nah im not snoopie d-o-double-gizzle or the G-unit cliq but i am Ful
  5. i had a screenshot from single player where i modded the vice city 2004 mod up to single player and i had a sweet screenshot of Tommy sittin on the sofa or bench or w/e inside the car dealorship, it was really funny but im sorry to say it has been misplaced and/or deleted...
  6. i think DooN is free to his opinion. in servers ive seen DooN with over 200+ kills and ive seen him in there for the whole weekend at times, and when hes playing he rarely talks unless spoken to, he doesnt cheat, he his very skilled and i think he is a great loss to KFC. I dont think this post is dumb, i think he has the right to let everyone know whats going on..so now its done, official. ok. on to bigger and better things, right?
  7. hey alex 3305, hows smoking weed legally over in holland? and uh...hows that programming comin along.... LOL
  8. lol this is all funny, but my name has nothing to do with some back n the day french word or w/e its actually havin to do with street names in a rough area but thanks.
  9. Mr BUMP says "Other users posting from this IP: [FBI]Mac-10 Interesting" You're obviously full of shit because i dont know a Mac-10 let alone heard of a [FBI] there isnt even a [FBI] thread in the gangs section, so nice jumping to conclusions and throwin the shit around mr.bump, u fagot
  10. HEY WTF HAPPENEND TO THE OTHER NON-MTA TOPIC??? why you goin around deletin threads? u disappoint me. ok ok. the general topic IS there still, but i still stand on what i say
  11. i think the ip that your previous ip changes into, is still read as the same computer- i think you should configure your IP yourself; once jokingly banned from a friends mta server, i manually changed my ip and joined the server right away, works.
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