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  1. Problem: Server impersonating my server which is shut down as of 1 January (https://forum.gamenet.ga/topic/919/pending-shutdown). Fake server IP: Desired solution: Blacklisting from the Master server list. Is an altogether blacklist of the name "GameNet.ga" possible? I'm the owner of GameNet.ga MTA server community. We have decided to shut down our servers at January 1st of this year. An announcement of that is here on our site: https://forum.gamenet.ga/topic/919/pending-shutdown Our main server name was as follows: "GameNet.ga || 100% Roleplay Server || NEW
  2. Hello, About a week ago all our servers ( GameNet.ga || [servername] ) disappeared from the master list. It appears that nothing had changed in the mean time, but the servers do not show up anywhere. You can join them by their IP (ip:22003) (everyone can do that). We're running Linux Debian (3.2.0-4-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 3.2.41-2 x86_64), with the standard IPtables. The game ports are 22003 (UDP), the http ports are 22003 (TCP) as well, and the query port is 22126 (UDP) for all of them (of course). All servers are getting indexed by game-state.eu without any problem, and the ase command is giv
  3. When you render it like this, it depends on your FPS how fast the image will move over the screen. I'll recommend using getTickCount() to define the difference in the x-value
  4. I think the same, that's why I asked it to look if someone knows a way to do so. Unfortunatly no one knows, so I assume it's not possible.
  5. JasperNL=D

    [HELP] ACL

    Use the command aclReload (). You can do this easily with runcode or the 'execute command' from the admin panel (resources tab). In that case you don't need to restart the server for changes in the ACL.
  6. Instead of a bunch of functions and events it may be more useful and practical to use it client-sided and onClientResourceStart
  7. Hello everyone, I would like to remove the teamchat from the y-key (to make place for other binds). unbindKey ("y"), unbindKey ("y","down","chatbox") and similar commands returns false, and toggling the control for the command "chatbox" will not work either, because the normal chat should stay. The same happens when I unbind 'teamsay', but as expected this will not work, because the command bound to y is 'chatbox' and not 'teamsay'. toggleControl won't work either, since it will disable the normal chat as well and it won't be possible to add this normal chat again. the event onPlayerChat
  8. And that's chris' wiki Didn't you read «Special thanks to [-Chris-]», BBB?
  9. http://nightly.mtasa.com/ports/ works, right?
  10. JasperNL=D


    "This noob"? Looks like your the noob here, as this is a very basic resource. There should be no need to explain how the module works as the only way you can use mysql with MTA is to install the module. I'm meaning the guy that uploaded it, It says people have to install MTA-Mysql, but don't gives instructions about how they should do it, that's pretty nooby.
  11. This isn't difficult, the map needs to be added as a gamemode map, so you go to the map options and the "gamemodes" tab. After this add cdm to it. If you've already done it, it should work properly. A problem could be that the map won't start automaticly. Do "changemap [your map name]" and your map loads:> To make sure your map always loads, go to the cdm resource and open meta.xml. Search the line where you see "cdm-ls" (the standard map) and change it to the map name you've chosen I hope these steps will help you :> Greetings, JasperNL=D
  12. There's a store where you can buy a bunch of cookies
  13. 1. For blocking miniguns and rocket launchers you need a script, i'm not gonna make it for you. 2. Is this a cheap advertisementaction or what do i have to think
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