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  1. Just onto the signing up and signing in issue... Sure, they can create heaps of accounts, but a way to reduce the chance of people being able to do this, is to only accept proper email addresses that come straight from the people's internet provider! And, if by chance they own a domain name etc where they can make as many as they want, if it is NOT in some internal list of internet providers, the user(s) can request the provider to be added to the list. But enough with all the banning talk etc etc, as someone here said, there's always somebody out there who just can't play normally and just plain lacks the brain capacity or reflexes to win, so they just HAVE TO cheat. I say get a well-enough working release out there that's not super-buggy, you can always work on anti-cheat and anti-whatever else later, once the project is developed close to 100%.
  2. I've gotten into the habit of checking very rarely, but this way, the progress seems immense when I do check! Keep up the awesome work people, looking forward to the DM release, for sure.
  3. Well I had some time to spare, so I did read the 5 pages. Damn there's quite a bit of whingeing & complaining, lol. Just happy I found a fair bit of complimenting on the game though. Ok, I agree on: a) the cross-hair not being there (except with right-click where your movement is "changed") b) the car cam being too slow & low. Even if you press "v" it is still a bad view unless you get up big speed and it zooms away a little. I also think the constant tapping of "W" to peddle on bike quick and the tapping of "space" to run is a bit stupid. Now as for solutions to a) and b), well, a) is simple. Add a crosshair b) however, I think an option that sets the camera angle at low and high speed would be nice. A higher value for low speed and lower value for high speeds. A distance for the camera would be good also, as it would be good to have a higher distance between the car & camera at higher speed. That's what I think R* should have put in. I've only played SA on PC for about an hour, so I cannot comment on it fully, but so far, it was a lot easier on PS2, but it is to be expected to be easier on console (except manual aiming which is absolutely horrible without a mouse). Yes, R* could have done a much better job, but I also think that there is more realism in GTA:SA, which is nice to see. So yes, a few disappointments, but mostly, it is damn awesome (especially how there's no "loading screen" between islands!!) Anyway, that's my 2 cents worth. Comment on it if you like, but remember... It's only an opinion.
  4. There might only be 5-10 of you, but as far as I'm concerned, you lot have achieved amazing results (this post was solely written so about 5-10 heads would get even bigger, lol) That doesn't happen much around here ... That is so true!
  5. Well then, sounds like the new core will be a muchly appreciated thing then! I think that as long as you're IN GTA, you should be killable. That's just what happens, simple. If you want to live, run like hell (and that still won't guarantee safety). When in GTA MTA (VC or 3), there should be absolutely NO way to become invulnerable (or run faster than cars, have infinite bullets, or god knows what other things people do cheating-wise). Note to all you cheaters out there: YOU RUIN THE GAME FOR EVERYONE ELSE! PS: It's fine if all the players are cheaters, you can all stand in a circle and shoot an endless supply of bullets into your invulnerable bodies. THAT's where the IQ of 50 comes in I believe too, as I doubt anybody could see that being fun either.... (gee, two posts in one day, what's happening to me!!! )
  6. Prostheus


    Gee, this thread is so old, lol. Anyway, about weapons and such. I think what's best to focus on is synchronisation. It needs to get very accurate before the sniper rifle is any good whatsoever. I'm not sure how hard it is/was for the MTA team to do the bullets hitting ppl etc (and that still needs work too ofcourse), but once the sync is done, and THEN the bullets are done, after THAT I suppose you could introduce the sniper rifle. Now, I know a few (if not a lot) of you are saying "But then everybody will get the sniper rifle" blah blah blah. Ok, well here's an idea I got from Far Cry (for those of you who've played that multiplayer you'll know what I'm talking about). How about those people that are currently HOLDING a sniper rifle display differently on the map? Or perhaps some indication as to where they are? (maybe tiny arrows or something along the screen border). Then sure, the ones out there that LOVE sniper rifles will probably get capped a few more times. But then we ALSO avoid all the other people complaining that people are camping etc etc etc, since you'll know where they are. Still though, if you have a group of excellent snipers on the map, another solution is to get to them via air ofcourse. Just land a heli in the middle, jump out & blow the thing up (or whatever else you have in mind ) Anyway, hadn't posted in a long time so, there's my 2 cents for the year, lol
  7. Ok, well thanks for the rapid replies. Thread Closed (hopefully )
  8. Hi all, just wondering how I can go about putting a few more vehicles on the 2nd island etc, perhaps even populating those empty carparks around the place. Any info on this'd be handy. Thanks in advance all.
  9. So with the syncing you're talking about, I'm guessing that means no lag then? Or is this "hybrid" code not quite good enough for that? I wish I knew what to do to get my friend involved in this project, but until he himself wants to help, there is not much point in continuing the chase. Anyway, I do hope that MTA 0.3.5 will be released within the next two months or so, do you think that'd be a fair thing to expect? Or is it very possible that it'll be much longer than that? Unfortunately, my addiction to GTA3 & VC has been dying down lately, but I do still play it every now & then (atm I'm plotting down all rampages/jumps/packages in GTA3, and am at least 1/2 way of doing that in VC - as in, I have 80 packages & 30 rampages & 20 jumps marked). Now it's just a matter of actually finishing the lot
  10. Excellent news Cray. I am looking forward to seeing the release of your project sometime in the future. Looks like MTA has a fair bit of "competition", even though you're all doing it free of charge. Good luck with your project, & hope you make a heap of progress real soon (do u think that's possible in the programming world? )
  11. Indeed, I agree. Deathmatch first, then team. I see the GTAVC coding is 1%? Woohoo! Just 99% to go! I'm still playing VC heaps (81% complete, no cheating ), so I can sorta wait for a mod. My mates & I end up playing VC on 3 different computers most weekends, lol. So it'll definitely be good for VC to be multiplayer (we've already established that hunter-fights will be 1 of the first things to happen, hehe)
  12. Well, please get unlazy, because the more of these kinds of posts, the less time the MTA team has for their project. Everybody really wants the project to go along as quick as possible, however posts such as yours do not help!
  13. I doubt car damage will take as much bandwidth as the actual drive-syncing, which is definitely required. I'm sure the developers will experiment on slow connections (if available), so that if they can get slow connections running nicely, surely faster ones will too. Perhaps there can be a few options to make the game "faster" etc, it really depends on what exactly the developers decide should be toggleable. Things like running/driving/shooting/jumping should be permanent things... After that, who knows... (perhaps some form of simple collision detection and one that's complex?... Not sure how the mod works or anything, but if that's mod-side perhaps what I said can be done. From my guess though it wouldn't be very heavily mod-side, but ofcourse I could be 100% wrong). Anyway, enough of my rambling for now. I haven't voted in this poll, since it's an obvious answer.
  14. 0.3.5 is great, although it'd be even more liked by the public if you were to release 0.3.6, 0.3.7, etc for every time u fixed/implemented something... HOWEVER, this would reduce excitement & anticipation, and the fact that each release holds more than 1 surprise/improvement/etc/etc. So I say stick with just 0.3.5, then 0.4, then perhaps 0.4.5, etc etc. 0.3.5 is definitely needed I'd say, because nobody likes playing a laggy game (unless you're mega-weird). Good luck with the development of 0.3.5, and hope the bugs etc don't give you too much sh*t
  15. The lag problem definitely needs to be solved, that's for sure. As far as I'm concerned it's the ONLY thing necessary. The shooting did work (in a mega-laggy way, lol), and so did the "squash the f*cker!!!" method Can't wait to see this problem resolved, because if it had every cool feature under the sun & still the 5-15 second lag, I still wouldn't touch this project... You guys are doing a fantastic job though, and as usual (and like everybody else here), CAN'T WAIT! lol Good luck with the problem solving/feature implementation/etc/etc
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