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  1. if ur computers old it will say nothing and just go to desktop, if its good it would at least have the memory to say something like " please reinstall vicecity as you have mofiefied your game". If you havnt changed your game then and you havnt yet figured out the problem, then HAHA! Just doing the roundz i want a better level then NEWBIE!
  2. Would Stunt Masters recruit a Graphic Designer? Basically for any members wanting a Stunt Master signature and other related graphical work. If you would like to see what i can do, you can see some of my images on the forum somewhere. Wouldnt cost you a cent. PM me now! cRuMpEt dEsIgNs 2004
  3. lag is something to except when playing games online. Especially for uses like me that have a 56k modem dialup thingymajig. Aywaz, its better then nothing my brothers.
  4. what do u mean by edit next time??? I havnt spelt something wrong have i?
  5. Im going to open up a new thread. If anyone would like to request art/graphics or showcase their own, just do it their. I'll put the topic in the general mta discussion. Dont forget to check it out. Thanx for the great comments. Crumpet
  6. ok yeah i get the same problem. Since i tweak the game manually, when ever the unhandled exception window pops it alwayz means i havent done something right or either the mod doesnt work. I often find the words furhgrekthe entered half way through the handling file or maybe a car had been completely deleated from the game. I try not to use dmagic wheels mod, as it tends to fuk up the game too. Theres plenty that can be fuked with, so be careful what you do. If you dont modify the game, and u still get this windo pop up, then consult your computer admin. Unless you have 120% + a crack or someth
  7. If theres anyone just cruising through this forum and have seen by art, tell us what you think? The only thing that keeps me from getting over graphic designing is peoples comments and enquires. Keep them coming!
  8. My first version! This one took me a little over twenty minutes but i think it looks good. I tried to keep it as light as i could to match the forum colours and i used the gta san andreas font for the talidan text. Anywaz hope you like and please tell me what you think. Talidan... this graphic now belongs to you! CrEaTeD WiTh AdObE PhOtOsHoP 7.o by cRuMpEt dEsIgNs ( sounds good, dont you think? )
  9. I have a completely different alternative to the DLL Error. I just run single player mode ( dont ask why ) / quit / reset game path / close mta / open mta / click start game / choose vc.exe and thats it! Its allot , but to me its worth playing mta cyaz round
  10. what about a gta workshop. Members could submit their gta art work. Just a thought. The following is just an example. Besides, i can do better then that!
  11. Also. if anyone wants to enter in that template comp, i'll be more then happy to make a banner. Just provide the webspace ( free one ) and a decent layout and i'll make you one. Dont ask me why, i just like graphical work. Anywaz, that is if the comps still on. email me at surfa69a@hotmail.com Crumpet
  12. lol as in a smoke?? Like the that lil flash movie on the forum. Something about installing cancer? yeah, i will give it a go. Send us an email and tell me more about it. If its something completely diff, just let us know. cyaz round Crumpet
  13. yeah i also used photoshop ( adobe Version 7 ) to make this one, to see more, go to the main banner forum page thingmajig. cool cyaz Crumpet
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