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  1. Map joystick axis in Settings->Controls and buttons in Settings->Binds
  2. ccw

    MTA Crashing in the middle of the game
  3. ccw

    [HELP] i'm reporting

    What was the solution?
  4. ccw

    [HELP] i'm reporting

    What is the web site and email for ?
  5. ccw

    [HELP] i'm reporting

    They delete all your files?
  6. ccw

    [HELP] i'm reporting

    What exactly are you fixing?
  7. ccw

    CD47 ban

    Try now. Restart MTA if you get connection problems.
  8. ccw


    Your Anti-Virus (Webroot SecureAnywhere) is deleting a required MTA file - C:\Program Files (x86)\MTA San Andreas 1.5\MTA\bass_fx.dll Solution is to add an exception to your anti-virus and reinstall MTA
  9. ccw

    Vinewood buggy texture from far away

    You will need to handle the LOD version of that model
  10. Restart PC Don't run Cheat Engine
  11. ccw


    Wait for the ban to expire
  12. ccw

    MTA crashing.
  13. ccw


    Open MTA\logs\logfile.txt and search for "Using proxy_sa because" To resolve AltTabFix: Don't use Settings->Video->Fullscreen mode->Standard. Select either Windowed or Fullscreen->Borderless window To resolve AltModules: Ensure gta DLLs are originals. eax.dll should be 184KB with MD5 of 309D860FC8137E5FE9E7056C33B4B8BE ogg.dll should be 36KB with MD5 of 0602F672BA595716E64EC4040E6DE376 vorbis.dll should be 1036KB with MD5 of 2840F08DD9753A5B13C60D6D1C165C9A vorbisfile.dll should be 64KB with MD5 of 2B7B803311D2B228F065C45D13E1AEB2
  14. ccw

    Mta not lauching

    Try this version of MTA:
  15. ccw

    MTA crashing. (Windows 10)

    Try this version of MTA: