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  1. The server you are connecting to does not allow 'Killer Networking' Disable or uninstall 'Killer Networking'
  2. Instructions for VS2019 are here: I think for VS2017 you must install MFC & ATL v141
  3. Find the MTA install directory and zip up MTA\dumps and upload to and give link here
  4. ccw

    Unban Appeal

    Try now Restart MTA if you get connection issues
  5. Even the basic anti cheat for custom clients will be ending soon because it is too hard to maintain. Why do you want to use a custom client?
  6. Anti-cheat will not function correctly on custom clients. You'll have to make your own
  7. Try: apt-get install libncursesw5-dev If that doesn't work, what is the output of: ldd ./x64/
  8. ccw

    need help

    Usually caused by a virus. You have Avast but it is disabled. Enable Avast and do a full scan.
  9. Please make a simple resource which shows the problem
  10. Caused by a virus
  11. ccw

    problem crash
  12. ccw

    Windows 10 Blue Screen

    Try disabling Windows Defender (AKA Windows Security), or at least disabling as many of its features as possible. If that doesn't help, try uninstalling MSI Afterburner If that doesn't help, try uninstalling ESET
  13. Caused by an error at MTAHQ Should be fixed by restarting the MTA client