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  1. help

    Settings are in MTA\config\coreconfig.xml
  2. I tried bmycg in mtasa:// and it worked for me
  3. It should work with that server. What model are you replacing? Please also provide the skin files.
  4. Which server has client sided skins turned on ?
  5. What is the server IP/port ?
  6. The problem is cause by low video memory. Remove all GTA:SA graphics mods.
  7. Zip up E:\mta\mta\dumps and upload to and post link here
  8. If you have 32bit Windows, then the most common cause is memory issues. See here for help:
  9. Try now
  10. Ensure Cheat Engine is not running. You may have to restart your PC
  11. Maybe your server is hitting a memory limit How much memory are you allocated by your host?
  12. Well, you sent the wrong file. I wanted tags.dll But anyway, your system is infected. I don't know why your antivirus didn't work. Solution is to download and install this and do a full scan:
  13. 1) Go to: 2) Press 'Choose File' 3) Select C:\Program Files\MTA San Andreas 1.5\MTA\tags.dll 4) Press 'Scan it!' 5) Post result link here
  14. You have a virus. Download and install this and do a full scan:
  15. If server owners are willing to allow this, then they can run the tree remove script.