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  1. I have unbanned you. Please do not post malicious resources (or in fact do any other misdeeds) again.
  2. Okay. I'll look into it this weekend. That's weird. Are you getting any error messages when trying to PM me? Or is there some other reason?
  3. Allowed editing of first posts in more forum sections. See darkdreamingdan's post for reference.
  4. This can happen if you paste pre-styled content from another website directly into Forums' Rich-Text Editor, and said content used some weird color text formatting. I have rewritten your post (or more like re-styled it for IPS) so it shows up fine on MTA Dark Night theme now.
  5. If you want to change your MTA Forums username, you are now able to do it yourself without the need of asking a Forum Administrator for help. You can find the option for changing the forum username (also known in IPS as Display Name) in the Account Settings, located in the collapsible menu in the top-right corner of the page (near your forum avatar and nickname). You can also visit this link to get to the username change page directly: https://forum.mtasa.com/settings/username/ However, before you change your username, please acknowledge the following: To prevent the abuse of the feature, you can change your username only once per 180 days (or more) since the last change. If you have changed your username recently, but thought that you would want your previous one back, we will not restore your previous nickname on request. Likewise, if you have changed your username, but do not like it, then we will not change your username to something else before your username change cool-down period expires. Please do not use comma characters , in your nicknames, as that will break some things for your account. For instance, you will not be able to receive Private Messages from other users. Note that if that is actually what you want (you do not want to receive PMs), you can simply disable the messenger feature. An option for that is located at the bottom of the page in the Private Messages Inbox. Do not change your nickname to impersonate MTA Team members and Forum Moderators (or possibly any other well known MTA Community figures). Regular Forum Rules still apply to forum username changes. Therefore, please think well before you change your username. -- MTA Team
  6. Hi there. Oh, what is that? The holidays are here again? Yep, it looks like they are, so that means the usual stuff. We are going to give you guys & gals a heads up on what has been happening in MTA's world this whole year. And if you are one of those well informed types who does not need a recap, you still might want to give this post a read, as there will be more than that later on! 2016 in Recap Near the end of January, we released a bugfix release for MTA:SA 1.5.x - Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas 1.5.2. Among a few other things, that version had and improved the server app compatibility for Linux server hosters and fixed some desync issues. In July, we started offering a new way of promotion for server owners who wanted to gain more players quickly. Namely, one of the top positions in the ingame server browser for a week in an exchange for a small fee. We felt it was a good way to not only ensure that our Project's financial needs are balanced, but also to allow some smaller but ambitious servers to try and get the player base they were always seeking for. In August and September, we made significant changes to our forums, including a switch to a new forum software. There were a bunch of issues found afterwards (such as keeping the users login states), but we managed to fix most of them. Following that, we were featured in an article on the Rock Paper Shotgun, which was pondering the popularity of multiplayer mods for GTASA, even long after its original release. You can find the full article on the RPS website. And finally, on 20th of October, Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas 1.5.3 was released. This was a large release that could as well have been labelled as a next major release, but was not as it was still compatible with the 1.5 series. A bunch of interesting MTA:SA-related YouTube videos from this year Current player counts and version fragmentation statistics Type Amount of players Date / Time Recent peak number of concurrent unique players 27111 players 2016.12.23 (at 17.30 GMT) Highest recorded number of concurrent unique players 27111 players 2016.12.23 (at 17.30 GMT) Recent number of daily unique players 124981 players 2016.12.23 (Friday) Highest recorded number of daily unique players 142785 players 2016.09.04 (Sunday) Recent number of monthly unique players 554757 players November, 2016 Highest recorded number of monthly unique players 626167 players August, 2016 Yes, to our surprise, there was a new concurrent unique player count record set literally on the day we were gathering these stats for you. MTA:SA Version or series Percentage of players using that version or series as of 23rd of December, 2016 1.5.3 95.20% 1.5.2 1.5.1 1.5 3.60% 0.09% 0.09% 1.4.x 0.67% 1.3.x 0.28% 1.0.x + 1.1.x + 1.2.x 0.07% It looks like more people decided to use newer versions of the mod than the last year. *** As for the future, we have been working on the next release, which will contain mostly bugfixes and compatibility tweaks. However, we did some work on new features as well, such as Custom Train Tracks, which we hope to be finished soon. We also want to look into improving streaming, raising the limits and making it possible to add new IDs for things, but this will be tricky. Nonetheless, it would be great to see those features working in MTA:SA one day as, for example, they would allow server owners to use bigger and better custom maps with new vehicles working correctly for all players. That's it for now. Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for 2017 from the MTA Team!
  7. You will be unbanned automatically once your ban period passes. An early unban? No, at least not any time soon. You did what you've done so don't be surprised that you're taking responsibility for it.
  8. This is explained in our Forum Rules:
  9. Unfortunately that's one of the things that you can't do in IPS4. Your best bet is to write your posts in BBCode in notepad, then check if they look okay by pasting them to a Reply box and using the Preview feature.
  10. @MasterMind200 & @Simple01 yes, hence my reply
  11. Nope.
  12. Hi! Thank you for taking an interest in contributing to our project. Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas is an Open Source software, so anyone who feels confident in C++ (and/or possibly other utility languages we use) can contribute to the code base. A good start would be to check out our project page at GitHub, or more specifically - our README: https://github.com/multitheftauto/mtasa-blue/blob/master/README.md. After giving that a read, you might want to read our Coding Guidelines as well (which are also mentioned in the README): https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Coding_guidelines. These guidelines explain the structure of our code, how to write your code so it can be accepted by us, and what you should try to focus on when submitting your first patches/pull requests to us, amongst other things. Having read both of these, you should get the general idea of how this project operates. Now, to answer the rest of your questions: You do not need to be a MTA Team member in order to submit your code to us. You have to be registered on GitHub though (don't worry, it's completely free of charge) and should know how to use Git. Obviously, you will be listed as an author of any code you contribute to us (provided that we accept it). You can find a list of our developers here: https://forum.mtasa.com/staff/, (ones with a Godfather (The MTA Team) rank, although not everyone is active), but you do not need to contact anyone individually per se (unless it's a confidential question eg. regarding a security issue). If you have any other questions then feel free to ask. Good luck.
  13. PM me with your username or e-mail address that you have used for registering on community.mtasa.com and I will check if everything is alright with your account.
  14. Zapewne trzeba na serwerze VPS doinstalować (lub zaktualizować) biblioteki OpenSSL.