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    hat script

    i'll try it out this evening thnx in advance

    hat script

    a beret, i've got the model from samp. i know about the bone_attach thingy but i couldn't figure out how to use it Can you possibly drop a piece of code i can add to the Bone attach script to place an object over head when ever i run a command (/hat) thx

    hat script

    anyone has a WORKING script that allows me to display a hat on my head? i tried tons of scripts but none of them worked
  4. is there any possible way to write a script that modifies mta's ped.ifp into a custom one? I have the modified ped.ifp file already, what to do next?

    [SHOW] Horse

    Any how I can get this script? It is said in the video's description that the scripts are publicly released but i couldnt find anything around the community scripting section
  6. why's that? we're already done with the server's lore, which makes the job pretty much easier. If you're willing to post pissimistically* posts, you're not welcomed here anytime, pal.
  7. We have assembled WZRP in the last couple of weeks with the idea to bring something new and unique to the table. The staff team has dedicated a lot of time working towards reaching a goal, which is bringing military roleplay to MTA. The server isn't up, how ever, we are expecting to enter the testing phase of our development in a short while. Our forums will be released to the public as soon as pops, the staff team's IT nerd, sorts the web server's problems out. So stick around with us, we'll keep you updated with the development progress and we wish you to have a good time with our growing community!