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  1. sevenlwo

    freeroam help

    Hello, i'm trying to create a checkbox to enable and disable the ghost-mode on my F1(freeroam) panel on MTA server, but actually i dont know how to do it. someone can help me?
  2. Now i know that is possible to do this without any script, just take the car-mods that i want to put the pop-up the headlamps and edit on zmodeler, the option boot_ok to open lights in place of the hood, but i still dont know how do this lol
  3. I need help to do an script that makes any car ID turn up and down the lights like the ZR350 does, but i dont know how the :O do it, pls someone help me with this.
  4. Hello Pls, someone help me to do an script to attach the "up-down lights" function from car "zr350" to any other ID, i really dont know how to do this, and i've searched for all internet for this, just want to know how to do lights up and down at any vehicle ID.