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  1. Does indeed look great, round of applause for the man
  2. As Arran says, this isn't an MTA issue, it's an external attack on the servers hosting the busy servers in MTA. There isn't much that can be done about it, in our case at SAES, as soon as the attack happens our host just blocks all internal and external traffic, nothing is damaged, but we can't play. It's an individual, and i would love it if he wanted to talk to me and explain himself, but thats unlikely, so we just wait until he gets bored/grows up/mum finds out, whenever that may be. We have a twitter feed that claims to be him, who knows if it is, i don't use twitter so i'm not sure how
  3. VCES>RonSeal


    Long time no see ! VCES is now SAES, you are always welcome, most of the old faces still about !! Good to see you! Merry Xmas all btw.
  4. Hi all, I have noticed a few requests for Gangs to participate in gang wars. It reminded me of the early VC days, and i yearned to repeat the experience. So over at SAES we decided to start up the old Clan Matches, using the gangs from within our server sommunity and the wider MTA world as a whole. We are looking for Gangs to participate. This would be at a set time, with set rules, spread over 3 rounds. Here is the basic rules page from the VC days, http://forum.mtasa.com/viewtopic.php?f=33&t=12249 Now that MTASA has a growing playerbase, we hope to reintroduce this aspect of gamin
  5. VCES>RonSeal


    Feels like it
  6. VCES>RonSeal


    /me waves at Bishop !
  7. You seem to be comparing a gang war, to playing on our rpg server. They are not the same. Oh, when you do visit our server Pron, check the rules section about killing.
  8. You seem to be comparing a gang war, to playing on our rpg server. They are not the same. Oh, when you do visit our server Pron, check the rules section about killing.
  9. After a period of not strictly enforcing the rules, whilst we let the regulars build up, we are now strictly enforcing the rules. All regular players have now had the opportunity to see how the server operates, and the trusted regular players will be invited to auto register for the new server in production. This server will ultimately be closed to the public, and registered players only will be allowed in. Stats wise, we have banned over 100 hackers and over half that for DM'ing, all serial banned and not IP. I'm pretty certain that by the time Server 2 is completed and open, the DM probl
  10. We at SAES have run an RPG server, have done since release. Currently, it isn't as good as we would like, but suffices for now. We have a long term project in development, which will be full RPG, with membership to play on the server, but this will not be implemented until a) it's done, b) we have a big enough community. I'm sure there are many other servers with plans, and that given time, the 'experience' will improve. It's early days, give it a few months and then revisit this thread.
  11. SAES are currently preparing for matches again, been a while since we did any tbh. Perhaps an 8 v 8, a week from now? Saturday 12th April ? If so post on our forums, http://www.vces.net , i always forget to check this place
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