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    Disconnected [CD48 ]

    Hello community I do not know if someone else had this problem does not let me enter any server gives me kick and I get this error. Disconnected [CD48] You were kicked from the game (VF # 4 NEWT LagSwitch) I already reinstalled the MTA and the GTA San Andreas 3 days ago I did not have that problem my internet is 5MB I walk to 110 ms I do not have problems of lag if someone can help me I would appreciate it.
  2. Hola comunidad no se si alguien mas a tenido este problema no me deja entrar a ningun servidor me da kick y me sale este error. Desconectado[CD48) You were kicked from the game (VF #4 NEWT LagSwitch) ya reinstale el MTA y el GTA San Andreas hace 3 dias no tenia ese problema mi internet es de 5MB me anda a 110 ms no tengo problemas de lag si alguien me puede ayudar se los agradeceria