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  1. Dude im just helping u i want to tell u btw can i get unbanned in cit please
  2. the web site is globalhost.sytes.net and the gmail is globalhostcompany@gmail.com
  3. i'm fixing my server always then they restart the server and i need to re-fix it from scratch i pay 50$ to get a server and globalhost restart my server each 2 days
  4. im complaining about OSC server i got rights from Brian and arran owners from CIT they are using CIT scripts
  5. hello community, today i'm opening a complaint about globalhost.sytes.net i buy a server from globalhost but they are always restarting my server when i finish fixing it and when i talk to them they said we are fixing each day they restart my server tell them to stop restarting my server please !
  6. i want to know how to change the command to add skin ingame from /personalskin 1 to /customskin on and /customskin off if i want to remove it
  7. hello scripters , i'm here needed to CITaccounts & group skins i want to a CITgroupskins cuz i have a groupskins scripts that i do /groupskin 1 to add i need like CIT /customskin on ' group name ' and CIThud please , thanks EDIT : Sorry for my english
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