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  1. I just left it because i was so upset... Here is the MTADiag result Note: Dutchman continued supporting me in PM, so we're done here.
  2. I still have this problem, help me pls
  3. @Dutchman101 After the restart at the boot sector it says that: Scanning and repairing drive c, and it pauses at 14%.. what should i do now?
  4. @Dutchman101 Thank you for yout help, Im currently running that .bat file, I really hope that it will help! I will inform you about the results!
  5. But my previous PC was a lot weaker than my current laptop, and i didn't experience problems like this. I had 30-40fps on the same server.
  6. Hey guys, i have a big problem here. I bought a Lenovo Ideapad 320-15ABR with AMD A12-9720P cpu, 4 GB DDR4 ram, and AMD Radeon 530 2GB graphic card. I think this config must be good for MTA SA. But the problem is that if i try to connect to a server, the textures aren't loading, and i lagging like hell. Here is a picture similar to what i experienced: I think my dedicated and integrated graphic card isn't configurated well. There is my MTA Diag pastebin: Please help me solve this problem. Thank you!