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  1. Hello everyone and thanks for checking out this post. First of all I would like to apologize to all who've been active in this topic and have seen the video that I posted a month ago which I now have taken down. Today was the day the server would be released to the public. But I'm afraid, we did not meet our deadline. We faced an issue like no other which took most of our time and resources trying to get it fixed. But to make it up for the people who expected something to happen on that day, I've got good news and some screenshots to share with you. The good news is that we wi
  2. Diplomacy has failed and unclear solutions paved the way for nuclear options and it's only a matter of time until San Andreas turns into dust and ashes. This is just a glimpse of what's awaiting on June 17th. Gamemode: Battle Royale Discord
  3. Hello people of this great community, as some of you who are active under this thread might have seen the previous post of mine where I was looking for people with these skills: Intermediate / Advanced-level scripter A graphic designer A good mapper Update Whereas on my last post, I was looking for people who would voluntarily help out and be a part of the project, I'm now looking (only) for a scripter which will also be paid work. Side note It is also utmost important to have good time management and are willing to take a chunk of time
  4. Hello MTA community, I am looking for staff for a project that I'm working on. To be specific, I'm looking for: Intermediate/Advanced-level scripters A graphic designer A good mapper Unfortunately, I can't say much about the project itself, other than the gamemode is based on realism but not to an extreme degree like we see with roleplay servers. It is also extremely important to have good time management and are willing to take a chunk of time out of your usual schedule to work on the project. Requirements +20yo (mental maturity) Time
  5. Rainforce

    Random FPS Drops

    not possible considering that i've played with this graphics card before even i bought my new pc
  6. Rainforce

    Random FPS Drops

    exactly, i don't have this problem in any other game so far.
  7. Rainforce

    Random FPS Drops

    I don't know eather and I don't want to waste your time but I just can't enjoy playing MTA with my FPS problem. I noticed that these come very frequently and randomly BUT the frames look fine on the "showframegraph". Please let me know if you need something to find a solution for it. I reinstalled GTA SA aswell as MTA SA. Hope to play MTA again. Much Regards
  8. Rainforce

    Random FPS Drops

    Any problems detected?
  9. Rainforce

    Random FPS Drops

    https://pastebin.mtasa.com/802598114 it has given me this link
  10. Rainforce

    Random FPS Drops

    Intel Core i5 4690K GTX 580 8GB DDR3 RAM 250 + 1000 HDD
  11. Rainforce

    Random FPS Drops

    This is the "normal" FPS (benchmark?). https://imgur.com/a/3GPdmaD The FPS Drop/Stutter: https://imgur.com/a/dO2vQf9 https://imgur.com/a/xRSM8Z9
  12. Rainforce

    Random FPS Drops

    Hello there, I've got a new PC and I'm having some troubles regarding MTA SA and I would like to get some help from here. The Problem: Whenever playing on a server in MTA, I have been experiencing FPS Lags/Drops. The FPS Drops come up randomly and/or sometimes when I look to one specific direction (can't say for sure tho). Fixing it: • Reinstalled Multi Theft Auto • Changed everything in the videosettings to low • Checked if GTA SA is making any issues • Searched for problems via Win10 Nothing worked. I also want to mention that it worked perfectly fine with my
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