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  1. Buenas, Queria saber quien me podria ayudar u orientar para poner una imagen debajo de un vehiculo. tipo sombra pero con una imagen, e visto que algunos manejan el dxDrawMaterialLine3D o con un shader, De ante mano gracias.
  2. MonSteRDM


    Someone could guide me, how to make a neon with images for infernus. I know it's done with a shader but in the wiki I don't find anything related.. Thanks
  3. MonSteRDM


    Alguien me puede orientar? Quiero crear un neon con imagenes
  4. Thanks for the help, I managed to do everything, from the dvo, to the lights and window of the vehicle. I want to make another for the tires, you know the name of the tires specifically ?. Another question, because when you activate the dvo, you see the same in all the players? Any advice? *I am sorry for my bad english*
  5. To install shader on the lights is very different?
  6. I want to create a lua for an infernus shader / FX, can someone help me or guide me to do it?, It is usually called "Dynamic Vehicle Overlay". i have the FX, just need to add the commands. I know it adds: dxSetShaderValue (Shader, tex, Texture) But i don't understand.