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  1. I have problems with this code, the problem happens that the passenger can be lowered even if he is wearing a seat belt. Everything else works fine. local SizeX, SizeY = guiGetScreenSize() local px,py = 1680,1050 local x,y = (SizeX/px), (SizeY/py) local Fade = true local Pulso = 0 -- Cinturón local key = "B" local interval = 1.05 local moto = { [522]=true,[521]=true,[461]=true,[462]=true,[463]=true, [586]=true,[581]=true,[468]=true,[471]=true,[523]=true, [448]=true,[481]=true,[510]=true,[509]=true } local boat = { [430]=tru
  2. Solo vengo hacer una simple pregunta, relacionado con servidores DAYZ. Tengo un problema que cada vez que spawneo un auto ya sea por medio de un panel o de un comando, y tengo que resetar mi servidor porque ando testeando cosas, los autos se me duplican. Realmente no tengo ni la menor idéa de que podría ser, quizás alguno de ustedes mas expertos en DAYZ sepa guiarme para tener una noción por donde buscar . ¡Desde ya mil disculpas por las molestías que este post pueda ocasionar!
  3. Ya logré hacerlo, de todos modos muchas gracias por tu preocupación.
  4. People the messages are not displayed ... what is wrong ?, I need your help to fix it. local Fade = true local Pulso = 0 Textos = {} function startRollMessage(text,r,g,b) mensaje = true table.insert(Textos,{text,r,g,b}) checkTimers() if #Textos == 2 then table.remove(Textos,1) end end addEvent("onRollMessageStart",true) addEventHandler("onRollMessageStart",getLocalPlayer(),startRollMessage) function startRollMessage2(head,text,r,g,b) mensaje = true table.insert(Textos,{text,r,g,b}) checkTimers() if #Textos == 2 then table.remove(T
  5. What I would like is for the weather to be logical according to the schedule. But since I am a newbie, I am not sure which IDs to use to achieve this.
  6. Is that, when you are inside the vehicle and it explodes there is no error. The problem occurs when you explode because of a vehicle being outside ... But in debugscript 3 it does not show any errors.
  7. Bro, I do not understand much, but, this does not fulfill the same function ? function notifyAboutExplosion2() for i, player in pairs(getVehicleOccupants(source)) do triggerEvent("kilLDayZPlayer", player) end end addEventHandler("onVehicleExplode", getRootElement(), notifyAboutExplosion2) SERVER spawn.lua DAYZ I use the typical free dayz game mode and they all come with the same function in the spawn.lua file
  8. What I am looking for is a real time with images. That one image appears in the morning, another in the afternoon, etc.
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