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  1. I am greatly sorry if this has been asked before but, is there a specific reason why you can only play as "Fido" in GTA:3 MTA? It would be really cool to play other actors.
  2. Hey this is actually Hammer from MTA. I have been in and made clans in and out throughout the versions of MTA. Yes I've been playing since the very first version. Anyways, please go to http://www.freewebs.com/lifeofcrimeclan to join. More information will follow later on, and you can get more info at the site. It is a great clan, and its recruiting fast! The best part is 'You don't have to be good!' because we will let you join without any tryouts at all! All we have to do is make you go through training just to enahance your gameplay! Check it out! It'll be your best clan ever.
  3. I got it into ASE Now , but one problem it shows it there in ASE but i look at it and it still says 0/16 players, but im in it! HELP! BTW -- I really need to change the country! NO1 ever goes to the canadian servers it drives me nuts!!! But anyways if ya see my sever join it!
  4. Hey, I haven't been on this site for soo long.. Anyways, I need some major help. I set up a server..or at least I'm trying to. I have the MTA:VC 0.4 Remote Server Admin thing working and its connected, my server is ready and set. but fer sum reason its not showin up on ASE. Yes, i did configure the .conf file to 'ASE 1' which = enabled but its still not showing up in ASE!! Any help would be greatly appreciated! BTW - How do you set the country when setting up a server for ASE?
  5. ok so what your saying is we 56k people will never have a chance to go on big servers again?? Well this problem happened as soon as 0.3 came out.. but then again how is that possible if my friend has 56k and he has never had this problem?
  6. NO! I keep on telling all that it does not work with either 0.3 or 0.3cr2!! Read the other CRC CHECK forums!
  7. Yes it does this constatly with version 1.0 also. But i went on last night and I noticed that if you join a game with low MAX players it wont disconnect you! Yes, I know you wont be able to join big games but at least you can still play. If this does not work for someone post more below. Thank you.
  8. OK ok! I'm tired of hearing about this! YES, i have this problem to! I cannot play MTA because of this "CRC CHECK: Timeout" problem! I never had the damn radar bug and i insalled the 0.3rc2! I saw your advice so i installed it and put it 0.3! OH, i still got timed out! MTA fix this problem! I've send most of you emails but none of you responded! PLEASE FIX THIS! I WANNA PLAY MTA AGAIN!!!!!!!!
  9. errr. you guys are so lucky! Every time I join into a server about a minute into the game it says "CRC CHECK: Timout" so i cannot play please help me
  10. nope no mods VERSION: 1.1 CONNECTION:56k this help?
  11. Ummm.. ya i have that CRC Check thing and umm MTA deleted the o.3 install so i cant get it so can sum1 plz link it to me so i can plz get it thx!
  12. Yes this also happeneds to me! I can't stand it.. "CRC CHECK: Timed Out" thats what it says and it gets me so mad!! MTA Team FIX THIS PROBLEM PLZ!! READ THIS FORUM!!!!!!!
  13. ChimpySkater

    [BXK] Clan

    Theres a new clan to MTA thats growing fast. That clan is the [bXK] Clan. If you want to join check out my website at: http://geocities.com/gtahammer/home.html OR just email me superchimpy@msn.com and I will add you to my list. If you want to learn the benifts of our clan please email me.
  14. Well you've probably heared this about a million times and people probably posted this a hundred times but im gunna ask you now........ When ever i go into a game in MTA about a minute into the game it disconnects me and says someting of the lines of "CRC CHECK Disconnected!" or sumthing like it!! PLEASE HELP ME! Am i installing it right? Is it part of the 0.3 bug? I downloaded 0.3 and 0.3rc2! but i dont work help!
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