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  1. SuperM

    Marker Height

    Well RIP me My markes is clientside no clue how can I create it serverside and use his name (refrence) clientside ahah And I also think players will not be able to see it if it's severside?
  2. SuperM

    Marker Height

    Is it possible to define a marker height? Because I have one inside A51 and people can access it from outside...
  3. Hello there, I have some problem with the script because it identifies some words as bad words and they are not it the list, part of the code is this one: local BWords = { {"top-"}, } local message = string.gsub(table.concat({...}, " "), "#%x%x%x%x%x%x", "") local name = string.gsub(getPlayerName(player), "#%x%x%x%x%x%x", "") for i, data in ipairs(BWords) do if string.find(message, data[1]) or pregFind(message,"([0-9]{1,3})[^[:digit:]^[:cntrl:]]{1,3}([0-9]{1,3})[^[:digit:]^[:cntrl:]]{1,3}([0-9]{1,3})[^[:digit:]^[:cntrl:]]{1,3}([0-9]{1,3})") then ...rest of the cod
  4. By leaving it like that, in also only shows the Translated one. Already tested with a lot of ways but not sure why I'm not getting the Original value. But thanks for trying to help!
  5. Also if I add something like this: guiGridListSetItemText(giveWindowGridlist, row, 1, Translated, false, false) guiGridListSetItemText(giveWindowGridlist, row, 2, Original, false, false) guiGridListSetItemData(giveWindowGridlist, row, 2, {Translated,Original}) and then on the other code something like this: local Translated = guiGridListGetItemText(giveWindowGridlist,guiGridListGetSelectedItem(giveWindowGridlist),1) local test1,test2 = unpack(guiGridListGetItemData(giveWindowGridlist, guiGridListGetSelectedItem(giveWindowGridlist),2)) I will get the following error:
  6. I got your point, now I have a Admin panel where I want to add custom functions in order to work completely with the mod and I have the following function: addEventHandler("onClientGUIComboBoxAccepted", giveWindowCombobox, function() guiGridListClear(giveWindowGridlist) local text = guiComboBoxGetItemText(giveWindowCombobox,guiComboBoxGetSelected(giveWindowCombobox)) outputDebugString(text) for i,item in ipairs(items[text]) do local row = guiGridListAddRow(giveWindowGridlist) Translated = exports.text:getLanguageTextClient(item) Original = item guiGridListSetItem
  7. Hello there, I'm trying to understand part of the code, can please someone help me and tell me what is what please. The part of the code is the following: function updateItems() guiGridListClear(shop_gui.gridlist[2]) local category = guiGridListGetItemText(shop_gui.gridlist[1],guiGridListGetSelectedItem(shop_gui.gridlist[1])) if (category ~= "") then for i,v in pairs(shop_items) do if (i == shop_type) then for i,v in pairs(v) do if (i == shop_marker) then for i,v in ipairs(v[category]) do local row = guiGridListAddRow(shop_gui.gridlist[2])
  8. Thanks, find it just had to use the setElementData and it updates.
  9. Can't find one updateElementData is this one? https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/OnElementDataChange
  10. Hello there, I have a dxDrawText showing a value from DB, but when the player presses H it will change the value in the DB but it does not change in the dxDrawText, is there any way to make it update when the player presses H and executes the server side function to update the sql value? --Client function Draw() local object = getElementsByType("object") for k,element in ipairs(object) do if getElementModel(element) == 1319 then infid = getElementData(element, "SM:ID") text1 = "ID: "..tostring(infid) dxDrawTextOnElement (element, text1, 1.3, _, _, _, _, _, 3, _, tocolor(
  11. Still getting just one outputDebugString with "INFO: nil" And my query is workig, this is what I get from SQL when I run it:
  12. Alright, with that line of code, I'm getting just a single outputDebugString and it says "INFO: nil"
  13. At the moment I have the following code: --SERVER function ttttt(source) local result1 = mysql:query("SELECT id, x, y, z, rotation, dimension, interior FROM test WHERE id=1") local rowID1 = mysql:fetch_assoc(result1) local ID1 = tonumber(rowID1["id"]) local X1 = tonumber(rowID1["x"]) local Y1 = tonumber(rowID1["y"]) local Z1 = tonumber(rowID1["z"]) local Rotation1 = tonumber(rowID1["rotation"]) local Dimension1 = tonumber(rowID1["dimension"]) local Interior1 = tonumber(rowID1["interior"]) triggerClientEvent(source, 'ResultsDataB', source, result1); end add
  14. With your line of code I'm getting this error: Bad argument @ 'triggerClientEvent' [Expected string at argument 1, got nil]
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