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  1. With all the recent fuzz about MTA:SA I am kind of confused. Is the MTA team still developing for Vice or only for San Andreas?? I like Vice City more than San Andreas and SA won't run on all of my PC's.
  2. This forum may report my posttime as being 5:33 am , but in The Netherlands I posted that just around '11 o clock at night. And thats the last time I check my email at night to make sure I dont miss anything important. When I noticed the lack of that I just went here... And I see my postcount under my avatar... Maybe I'm special.
  3. I don't know about you guys , but I see my postcount.
  4. You got that wrong , my friend. Postcount is just the reward after the robbery. For example , when I help someone , and I notice that after 2 years he hasnt reply'd or said thanks , I still have my post count , a symbol of power , influence , knowledge and friendlyness. It's just one of those little things that make the endless hours of helping people more fun , like , uhh , the sprinkles on the sandwitch. The sandwitch is eatable without , but with them on it just tasted a lot better...
  5. Yeah , afcource I know MTA is a mod and mods for it would be modmods , but you know what I mean. Anyways , its a whole peace of hearth that i can just host without modding it myself
  6. Yeah , I thought of that too , but then those spawns should be close to eachother. And not ,for example , one in Los Santos and another spawn in Las Venturas. And if you evel played other shooting games , you will notice that (with exeption of BF2 and UT2004) the areas are usualy quite tight and close. And this works well , usualy , in preventing the player from getting bored ,e ven on low populated servers...
  7. That really confuses me. Isn't it possible to just install the MTA Blue dedicated server and , like , run it , without having to mod anything? I think that giving weaker weapons hitman skill and strong weapons poor skill is a good idea. And if you kill 20 persons or so , your skill improves... I hope modding that wont be that hard...
  8. Okey , I have a suggestion for MTA:SA. Please don't open up the whole city , but only part of it , like , only the Grove Streed hood , and not the rest , and make the server admin have some kind of maplist. This because else people will be far too seperated and only meet another person each hour , and if they do and get killed , they will be really sad Possible idea's I had for maps are: -Grove Street -Mulholland intersection -One of the small country cillages -The airport -The area around one of those casino's in Las Venturas. -The Truths weed fields area , for country rifle snipin
  9. I have to agree tho , if I see someone with 1 can and no siggy , I think: new player (to put it politely). So I think it matters in peoples minds (how do you say "onderbewustzijn" in English???). T.E. EDIT: Check whats under your cans now
  10. Ah , thanks , I messed those two numbers up , I think. Well , you never know with Microsoft... Maybe tommorow they will anounche Windows to go Open Source
  11. Ah , I get it , too bad tho... Now its impossible for people to see my uber 1337 posting skilzzz
  12. about 53GB if I am correct , but that means that the developers have to make that much content ,too , so a double layer DVD should be enough , and the XBOX360 has been under developement a long time , and yes , they do work fast , I would like it if I could say that from the Windows developement team , too
  13. Hello dear people from the MTA Forums. The last time I checked and posted on the forums here was about 6 months ago. Now , I 'return' , and I see a lot of good news , like the anounched MTA:SA , and the progress on MTA Blue should have gone well , I hope . But , what happened to the postcount under peoples' names? I don't know why , but I allways liked it to see my , and other people postcount T.E.
  14. I havn't read through the two pages , but about MMO's and the GTA style gameplay , I can tell you that one of the persons originally working on the GTA series (I believe he left Rockstar after GTA2) has started a new company called RealTimeWorlds that is working on a game called APB (All Points Bulletin , awful name BTW.) that is supposed to feature a cops&robbers theme in a MMO game. I can't wait to see how it works out , and I hope it wont be a shame to the gta style (think , Driv3r , Black Monday etc.). I dont think that MTA will go Massive anytime soon tho. EDIT: What a total no
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