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  1. Help! How to disable weapon muzzle (fire) from replaced weapons? I even replaced the textures of the new weapon models in the txd workshop, but this did not help. I will be grateful
  2. Ivan Orel

    Local CHAT.

    How to add a local chat to the server? Please help me.
  3. set FPS limit when players is AIM. As you know, if a player has more than 70 fps (like 100), he cant aim and move at the same time. Therefore, I want the set FPS to 60-70 when the player is aiming. Will you help? (After the player stops moving and aim at the same time, then the FPS will return to the usual server limit. (100 frames))
  4. Okay. All these functions can be used in a single server.lua script?
  5. Simple01, I already have a save system. Show me how to add a saving player's fighting style for this system. For example: I have two (2) save systems. For which it is better to add the function of saving player's fighting style? Show me please! Save system 1 (server.lua) (Server side ONLY!) function playerLogin (thePreviousAccount, theCurrentAccount, autoLogin) if not (isGuestAccount (getPlayerAccount (source))) then local accountData = getAccountData (theCurrentAccount, "funmodev2-money") if (accountData) then local playerMoney = getAccountData (theCurrentAccount, "funmodev2-money") local playerSkin = getAccountData (theCurrentAccount, "funmodev2-skin") local playerHealth = getAccountData (theCurrentAccount, "funmodev2-health") local playerArmor = getAccountData (theCurrentAccount, "funmodev2-armor") local R = getAccountData (theCurrentAccount, "funmodev2-R") local G = getAccountData (theCurrentAccount, "funmodev2-G") local B = getAccountData (theCurrentAccount, "funmodev2-B") local playerX = getAccountData (theCurrentAccount, "funmodev2-x") local playerY = getAccountData (theCurrentAccount, "funmodev2-y") local playerZ = getAccountData (theCurrentAccount, "funmodev2-z") local playerInt = getAccountData (theCurrentAccount, "funmodev2-int") local playerDim = getAccountData (theCurrentAccount, "funmodev2-dim") local playerWanted = getAccountData (theCurrentAccount, "funmodev2-wantedlevel") local playerTeam = getAccountData (theCurrentAccount, "funmodev2-Team") local playerWeaponID0 = getAccountData (theCurrentAccount, "funmodev2-weaponID0") local playerWeaponID1 = getAccountData (theCurrentAccount, "funmodev2-weaponID1") local playerWeaponID2 = getAccountData (theCurrentAccount, "funmodev2-weaponID2") local playerWeaponID3 = getAccountData (theCurrentAccount, "funmodev2-weaponID3") local playerWeaponID4 = getAccountData (theCurrentAccount, "funmodev2-weaponID4") local playerWeaponID5 = getAccountData (theCurrentAccount, "funmodev2-weaponID5") local playerWeaponID6 = getAccountData (theCurrentAccount, "funmodev2-weaponID6") local playerWeaponID7 = getAccountData (theCurrentAccount, "funmodev2-weaponID7") local playerWeaponID8 = getAccountData (theCurrentAccount, "funmodev2-weaponID8") local playerWeaponID9 = getAccountData (theCurrentAccount, "funmodev2-weaponID9") local playerWeaponID10 = getAccountData (theCurrentAccount, "funmodev2-weaponID10") local playerWeaponID11 = getAccountData (theCurrentAccount, "funmodev2-weaponID11") local playerWeaponID12 = getAccountData (theCurrentAccount, "funmodev2-weaponID12") local playerWeaponAmmo0 = getAccountData (theCurrentAccount, "funmodev2-weaponAmmo0") local playerWeaponAmmo1 = getAccountData (theCurrentAccount, "funmodev2-weaponAmmo1") local playerWeaponAmmo2 = getAccountData (theCurrentAccount, "funmodev2-weaponAmmo2") local playerWeaponAmmo3 = getAccountData (theCurrentAccount, "funmodev2-weaponAmmo3") local playerWeaponAmmo4 = getAccountData (theCurrentAccount, "funmodev2-weaponAmmo4") local playerWeaponAmmo5 = getAccountData (theCurrentAccount, "funmodev2-weaponAmmo5") local playerWeaponAmmo6 = getAccountData (theCurrentAccount, "funmodev2-weaponAmmo6") local playerWeaponAmmo7 = getAccountData (theCurrentAccount, "funmodev2-weaponAmmo7") local playerWeaponAmmo8 = getAccountData (theCurrentAccount, "funmodev2-weaponAmmo8") local playerWeaponAmmo9 = getAccountData (theCurrentAccount, "funmodev2-weaponAmmo9") local playerWeaponAmmo10 = getAccountData (theCurrentAccount, "funmodev2-weaponAmmo10") local playerWeaponAmmo11 = getAccountData (theCurrentAccount, "funmodev2-weaponAmmo11") local playerWeaponAmmo12 = getAccountData (theCurrentAccount, "funmodev2-weaponAmmo12") spawnPlayer (source, playerX, playerY, playerZ +1, 0, playerSkin, playerInt, playerDim) setPlayerMoney (source, playerMoney) setTimer (setElementHealth, 50, 1, source, playerHealth) setTimer (setPedArmor, 50, 1, source, playerArmor) setTimer (setPlayerWantedLevel, 50, 1, source, playerWanted) giveWeapon(source, playerWeaponID0, playerWeaponAmmo0, true) giveWeapon(source, playerWeaponID1, playerWeaponAmmo1, false) giveWeapon(source, playerWeaponID2, playerWeaponAmmo2, false) giveWeapon(source, playerWeaponID3, playerWeaponAmmo3, false) giveWeapon(source, playerWeaponID4, playerWeaponAmmo4, false) giveWeapon(source, playerWeaponID5, playerWeaponAmmo5, false) giveWeapon(source, playerWeaponID6, playerWeaponAmmo6, false) giveWeapon(source, playerWeaponID7, playerWeaponAmmo7, false) giveWeapon(source, playerWeaponID8, playerWeaponAmmo8, false) giveWeapon(source, playerWeaponID9, playerWeaponAmmo9, false) giveWeapon(source, playerWeaponID10, playerWeaponAmmo10, false) giveWeapon(source, playerWeaponID11, playerWeaponAmmo11, false) giveWeapon(source, playerWeaponID12, playerWeaponAmmo12, false) setCameraTarget (source, source) fadeCamera(source, true, 2.0) setPlayerNametagColor (source, R, G, B) else spawnPlayer (source, 1481.0855712891, -1771.2996826172, 18.795753479004, 0,78, 0, 0) setCameraTarget (source, source) fadeCamera(source, true, 2.0) end end end addEventHandler ("onPlayerLogin", getRootElement(), playerLogin) function onLogout () kickPlayer (source, nil, "Logging out is disallowed.") end addEventHandler ("onPlayerLogout", getRootElement(), onLogout) function onQuit (quitType, reason, responsibleElement) if not (isGuestAccount (getPlayerAccount (source))) then account = getPlayerAccount (source) if (account) then local x,y,z = getElementPosition (source) local r,g,b = getPlayerNametagColor (source) setAccountData (account, "funmodev2-money", tostring (getPlayerMoney (source))) setAccountData (account, "funmodev2-skin", tostring (getPedSkin (source))) setAccountData (account, "funmodev2-health", tostring (getElementHealth (source))) setAccountData (account, "funmodev2-armor", tostring (getPedArmor (source))) setAccountData (account, "funmodev2-R", r) setAccountData (account, "funmodev2-G", g) setAccountData (account, "funmodev2-B", b) setAccountData (account, "funmodev2-x", x) setAccountData (account, "funmodev2-y", y) setAccountData (account, "funmodev2-z", z) setAccountData (account, "funmodev2-int", getElementInterior (source)) setAccountData (account, "funmodev2-dim", getElementDimension (source)) setAccountData (account, "funmodev2-wantedlevel", getPlayerWantedLevel (source)) setAccountData (account, "funmodev2-weaponID0", getPedWeapon (source, 0)) setAccountData (account, "funmodev2-weaponID1", getPedWeapon (source, 1)) setAccountData (account, "funmodev2-weaponID2", getPedWeapon (source, 2)) setAccountData (account, "funmodev2-weaponID3", getPedWeapon (source, 3)) setAccountData (account, "funmodev2-weaponID4", getPedWeapon (source, 4)) setAccountData (account, "funmodev2-weaponID5", getPedWeapon (source, 5)) setAccountData (account, "funmodev2-weaponID6", getPedWeapon (source, 6)) setAccountData (account, "funmodev2-weaponID7", getPedWeapon (source, 7)) setAccountData (account, "funmodev2-weaponID8", getPedWeapon (source, 8)) setAccountData (account, "funmodev2-weaponID9", getPedWeapon (source, 9)) setAccountData (account, "funmodev2-weaponID10", getPedWeapon (source, 10)) setAccountData (account, "funmodev2-weaponID11", getPedWeapon (source, 11)) setAccountData (account, "funmodev2-weaponID12", getPedWeapon (source, 12)) setAccountData (account, "funmodev2-weaponAmmo0", getPedTotalAmmo (source, 0)) setAccountData (account, "funmodev2-weaponAmmo1", getPedTotalAmmo (source, 1)) setAccountData (account, "funmodev2-weaponAmmo2", getPedTotalAmmo (source, 2)) setAccountData (account, "funmodev2-weaponAmmo3", getPedTotalAmmo (source, 3)) setAccountData (account, "funmodev2-weaponAmmo4", getPedTotalAmmo (source, 4)) setAccountData (account, "funmodev2-weaponAmmo5", getPedTotalAmmo (source, 5)) setAccountData (account, "funmodev2-weaponAmmo6", getPedTotalAmmo (source, 6)) setAccountData (account, "funmodev2-weaponAmmo7", getPedTotalAmmo (source, 7)) setAccountData (account, "funmodev2-weaponAmmo8", getPedTotalAmmo (source, 8)) setAccountData (account, "funmodev2-weaponAmmo9", getPedTotalAmmo (source, 9)) setAccountData (account, "funmodev2-weaponAmmo10", getPedTotalAmmo (source, 10)) setAccountData (account, "funmodev2-weaponAmmo11", getPedTotalAmmo (source, 11)) setAccountData (account, "funmodev2-weaponAmmo12", getPedTotalAmmo (source, 12)) end end end addEventHandler ("onPlayerQuit", getRootElement(), onQuit) function onWasted(totalAmmo, killer, bodypart, stealth) if not( isGuestAccount (getPlayerAccount(source)) ) then local theWeapon = getPedWeapon (source) local weaponAmmo = getPedTotalAmmo (source) fadeCamera (source, false) setTimer (spawnPlayer, 1000, 1, source, 2036.1735839844, -1413.0563964844, 16.9921875, 0, getPedSkin (source), 0, 0, getPlayerTeam(source)) setTimer (setCameraTarget, 1250, 1, source, source) setTimer (fadeCamera, 2000, 1, source, true) --setTimer (giveWeapon, 2000, 1, source, theWeapon, weaponAmmo, true) end end addEventHandler ("onPlayerWasted", getRootElement(), onWasted) --- function setTeam() local account = getPlayerAccount(source) -- gets players account local team = getAccountData (account, "team") -- gets players team if (team) and getTeamFromName(team) then setPlayerTeam(source, getTeamFromName(team)) -- sets players team end end addEventHandler("onPlayerLogin",root,setTeam) -- sets players team on login function save() local team = getPlayerTeam(source) -- Gets the players team local account = getPlayerAccount(source) if (team) and not isGuestAccount(account) then -- Checks to see if the player is a guest or not setAccountData(account, "team", getTeamName(team)) --saves team end end addEventHandler("onPlayerQuit", getRootElement(), save) -- saves team on quit Save system 2 (server.lua) (Server side ONLY!) addEventHandler("onPedWasted",root, function() savePedStats( getPlayerAccount(source)) end ) addEventHandler ("onPlayerLogin",root, function() loadPedStats( getPlayerAccount(source)) end ) addEventHandler ("onPlayerQuit",root, function() savePedStats( getPlayerAccount(source)) end ) addEventHandler ("onPlayerLogout",root, function(thePreviousAccount) savePedStats( thePreviousAccount ) end ) function savePedStats( Acc) outputChatBox(getPlayerName(source).." saveing Stats now!", source) local pedrotx,pedroty,pedrotz = getElementRotation( source ) setAccountData(Acc, "rot.x", pedrotx) setAccountData(Acc, "rot.y", pedroty) setAccountData(Acc, "rot.z", pedrotz) setAccountData(Acc, "rot.z", pedrotz) --setAccountData(Acc, "skin", getPedSkin( source )) --setAccountData(Acc, "armor", getPedArmor( source )) setAccountData(Acc, "health", getElementHealth( source )) --setAccountData(Acc, "money",getPlayerMoney( source )) for i = 21 , 25 do setAccountData(Acc, "stat."..i , getPedStat(source,i)) end for i = 69 , 79 do setAccountData(Acc, "stat."..i , getPedStat(source,i)) end end function loadPedStats(Acc ) --setPedSkin(source,getAccountData(Acc, "skin")) --setPedArmor(source,getAccountData(Acc, "armor")) setElementHealth(source,getAccountData(Acc, "health")) --setPlayerMoney(source,getAccountData(Acc, "money")) for i = 21 , 25 do setPedStat(source,i,getAccountData(Acc, "stat."..i)) end for i = 69 , 79 do setPedStat(source,i,getAccountData(Acc, "stat."..i)) end end
  6. Hi guys! Help me make the save. player walking style? ---------------Определить языкАзербайджанскийАлбанскийАмхарскийАнглийскийАрабскийАрмянскийАфрикаансБаскскийБелорусскийБенгальскийБирманскийБолгарскийБоснийскийВаллийскийВенгерскийВьетнамскийГавайскийГаитянскийГалисийскийГреческийГрузинскийГуджаратиГэльскийДатскийЗападнофризскийЗулуИвритИгбоИдишИндонезийскийИрландскийИсландскийИспанскийИтальянскийЙорубаКазахскийКаннадаКаталанскийКиргизскийКитайский (традиционный)Китайский (упрощенный)КорейскийКорсиканскийКосаКурдскийКхмерскийЛаосскийЛатинскийЛатышскийЛитовскийЛюксембургскийМакедонскийМалагасийскийМалайскийМалаяламМальтийскийМаориМаратхиМонгольскийНемецкийНепальскийНидерландскийНорвежскийНьянджаПанджабиПерсидскийПольскийПортугальскийПуштуРумынскийРусскийСамоанскийСебуанскийСербскийСингальскийСиндхиСловацкийСловенскийСомалиСуахилиСунданскийТаджикскийТайскийТамильскийТелугуТурецкийУзбекскийУкраинскийУрдуФилиппинскийФинскийФранцузскийХаусаХиндиХмонгХорватскийЧешскийШведскийШонаЭсперантоЭстонскийЮжный сотоЯванскийЯпонский Hi guys! How do I save a player's fighting style? Save and Load player's fighting style on (onPlayerLogin, onPlayerQuit, onPlayerLogout, onPlayerWasted). Please help me! I will be grateful to YOU! :)
  7. mazarati21, Thank you very much. I'm just new to lua scrpting. Mr.Loki, okay. Thanks )
  8. Hello everyone, today I decided to write a script that is responsible for the destruction of already (explosed) blown up cars (in order not to load the server). That is, after the car has blown up it automatically disappears. But the problem is that I do not know how to write such a script, so I ask you. Help me.