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  1. yea,but where in database...??
  2. i have a owl server and i don't know to set start money
  3. yea but i want tu change that tuning panel,and i don't find anywhere on resources
  4. where is located tuning panel/tuning menu in resources??? pleasee help i have owl gamemode
  5. where i can change the text from that circled photo??? where is placed in resources ?? in announcement isn't PLEASE HELP MEEEE
  6. anybody can give me a resource for Random messages on chat please????
  7. How i can change the version of the server that Sr versiunea 1.01
  8. any answers with other speedometers??? please i search the speedometer of the photo
  9. Hello everybody,i want to find a good speedometer for my mta server and i can't find anywhere,i am amateur on scripting,i don't want a digital speedometer!!! i want a speedometer like this: PLEASE HELP ME!!!! my owl gamemode isn't went with that speedometer SORRY FOR MY ENGLISH BUT I AM FROM ROMANIA!