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  1. Hello I'm just asking for function or way to get the local player in the Server-Side in the mod Please explain me all the possible ways to get the local player in the Server-Side in Easy , Clear and detailed way Thank you !
  2. Brother look at line 11 you will see that GasMarker1 = createMarker - i'm trying to transfer this Marker to server side to because i need it to be non-visible So who i can create Client elements that could be server elements?
  3. Hello i'm trying to make triggerServerEvent but when i try to transfer data it's show that massage : clientside element 'marker' @argument 3 what that even mean? --Client side --- GasMarker1 =nil GasMarker2 =nil GasMarker3 = nil function createGasMarker () outputChatBox ("تم انشاء ماركرات المحطات",28,181,23) GasMarker1 = createMarker (619.70190429688 , 1684.1682128906 , 4.9921875, "cylinder",2.0,255,255,255) GasMarker2 = createMarker (617.69458007813 , 1686.0867919922 , 4.9921875 ,"cylinder",2.0,255,255,255) GasMarker3 = createMarker (621.77709960938 , 1681.1126708984 , 4.9921875, "cylinder",2.0,255,255,255) end addEventHandler ("onClientResourceStart", root, createGasMarker) function setGasMarkersVisible () name = "Come!" triggerServerEvent ("setVisible", root,GasMarker1 ) end addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart" , root, setGasMarkersVisible) -- Server Side -- function setMarkerVisible () -- end addEvent("setVisible",true) addEventHandler ("setVisible", root, setMarkerVisible)
  4. Peace on you . Why do we use " shader " and make the value " texture " to change element texture instead of use "Texture" directly ? Why we need to make shader first ? Thanks !
  5. Please if i want for example to create guiWindow i'll use : guiCreateWindow (x, y, height, width) i need when u move my cursor it gets all this (x, y, height, width) without back to the code and type this all myself like gui editor just how?