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  1. Well, if I spawn peds in a certain range from the player in a way that would be inside his distance of render things will be solved, better than using setElementStreamable. Thank you
  2. I'm trying to make something like a NPC system, while using setPedControlState and setPedAnalogControlState (Ped was inside a vehicle) I've seen that, while the ped is inside my distance of render (setFarClipDistance) the control state works, but when the ped is outside it, he won't move.. So I used outputChatBox with getElementPosition ped when I'm far it gave the same coordination in another words the ped didn't move, isn't there a way to disable that? To make a ped drive a car even if he's not inside my distance of render?
  3. -- Wait my bad I forget to think about how triggerEvent works, thank you both!
  4. Dude that's not what I need I want to like function applySetting() -- when this function activate, all 'addEventHandler('onSettingsChange" .. will activate setSetting(slcSet, guiGetText(settingsEdit)) end addEventHandler("onClientGUIClick", apply, applySetting, false) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --[[ of using triggerEvent I want to use 'addEventHandler' so when it apply settings all the eventhandler with "onSettingsChange" shall activate]] -- CLIENT SIDE (?) -- SECOND RESOURCE function set() if ( ex
  5. setPedAnimation(thePlayer, "ped", "seat_down", -1, false, false, false, false) The first "false" in that line above is for the loop, if you wrote it true it will activate the animation loop But if you wrote "false" it won't. But remember, the first false in this line is for the loop argument..
  6. I know I can do it that way, but what I'm asking is: I want to something like the server events and client event, I can trigger them anywhere using addEventHandler only, example, so I use "addEventHandler("onPlayerLogin", ...) not triggerEvent("onPlayerLogin", ...). So what I'm looking for I want to create a function that when it function an event handler named 'onSettingsChange' will activate.. function logins() outputChatBox("Welcome....", source) end addEventHandler("onPlayerJoin", root, logins) Here once the player join, the event handler functions right? I want to create like it
  7. Can you give me an example? I don't want to trigger the function using triggerServerEvent or triggerClientEvent, I want to trigger a function from another resource using addEventHandler.. like addEventHandler("onClientGUIClick", apply, applySetting, false) addEventHandler("onClientGUIClick", apply, onApplying, false) function applySetting() setSetting(slcSet, guiGetText(settingsEdit)) end in another resource: function set() if ( exports.settings:getSetting("setHaze") ) then setHaze( exports.settings:getSetting("setHaze") ) end end addEventHandler("onSetting
  8. https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/SetPedAnimation Check this again, in the optional arguments the 4th is named loop. Enabling or Disabling this is what you're looking for.
  9. Greetings. I've had some circumstances so I had that idea to activate an function by using a "addEventHandler", what I'm looking for is to create an Event Handler that can be used on any function like "onPlayerLogin", "onClientPlayerWeaponFire"... Is there a way to create such thing?
  10. WiBox

    RPG Time Limiter

    Nevermind, in another script that my friend added, he used once you enter a specific area you can't use your weapons and he used the event handler "onClientRender" so it seems while it was getting disable here, in my friend's script it re enable it... Thank you.
  11. WiBox

    RPG Time Limiter

    Man it's not about the way of how I wrote is wrong, it's about the "toggleControl("aim_weapon", false) isn't working only if I used "onClientRender" or 'onClientPreRender". I've tried the way you said, but it's still the same I used "print' to make sure that it's arriving to the command "toggleControl("aim_weapon", false) but that command isn't triggering... the logic of the script I wrote isn't wrong: rpgTimer = {} function shotCheck(weapon) if ( weapon == 35 or weapon == 36 ) then rpgTimer[localPlayer] = setTimer( function() toggleControl( "fire", true) toggleControl( "aim_we
  12. WiBox

    RPG Time Limiter

    I'm trying to make my scripts with no FPS drop, if I use many setTimers, won't it affect it? It worked, but isn't there a way so the player won't be able to aim with the weapon?
  13. https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/DestroyElement
  14. Depends, do you want to delete object that you created? Or you want to delete object that exists already in Gta-Sa map?
  15. Did you check the debug? If you did, can you send what it says? If you don't know what's the debug it's a command "/debugscript" use it at level 3: "/debugscript 3", it will tell you were there're warning or errors.
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