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  1. hi, I need help. I try to make an object have multiple textures. That is to say that when putting a texture it only applies to that object and not to the rest of the same objects. In other words, I have for example 2 wheels of fortune, one next to the other. I want only one to change texture.
  2. This is the idea that first occurred to me, and it did not work.
  3. I'm making a server, and I get the following error. HTTP server file mismatch (countdowns) client.lua [Got size:15 MD5:DE9219E425CC35B85E0FA0222F625269, wanted MD5:635C85A55F643167D88163ECC44E1833] Download error: HTTP server file mismatch (countdowns) client.lua [Got size:15 MD5:DE9219E425CC35B85E0FA0222F625269, wanted MD5:635C85A55F643167D88163ECC44E1833] Delete all the scripts from my MTA folder https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/278521065435824128/556569914509361152/unknown.png But I still get the same error when entering the server.
  4. Idiomas - Languages Español - Spanish Ingles - English Texto - Text Spanish - Español Hola, mi apodo es TBK o TheBakkese King. Llevo jugando GTA SA desde el 2004, en la Play Station 2. Y desde hace mas de 3 años MTA SA. Tras una gran búsqueda eh visto que el sector de vuelo en GTA esta algo abandonado, cuando el propio juego nos brinda grandes oportunidades. Por lo que quiero reunir a todos aquellos que quieran aprender o ya sepan hacer vuelo acrobatico. Los aviones que uso para vuelo acrobático son: Dodo Rustler StuntPlane Hydra Ingles - English Hi, my nickname is TBK or TheBakkese King. I have been playing GTA SA since 2004, in Play Station 2. And for more than 3 years MTA SA. After a great search I have seen that the flight sector in GTA is somewhat abandoned, when the game itself gives us great opportunities. So I want to gather all those who want to learn or already know how to do acrobatic flight. The planes I use for aerobatic flight are: Dodo Rustler StuntPlane Hydra
  5. Tengo el mismo problema, quiero añadir Paintjobs custom pero no se hacerlo. ¿Me podrias ayudar?
  6. I would like to learn how to make the script to add Paintjobs custom.
  7. El problema es que no se hacerlo. Es decir me descarge varios scripts que lo hacen pero ninguno funciona correctamente. Y al intentar hacerlo se me hace complicado.
  8. The script that you give me, just let me put one and put on all the cars. It is incomplete. He also misplaces the dimensions of the PJ, only places half of the car.
  9. The elegy is the only one that does not load the new PaintJob He just lets me put paintjobs on the Huntley and the Majestic. Any other car does not let me.
  10. This? I was missing the meta.xml, fail mine. sorry Dont Work
  11. Hello, I'm looking for some script with which I can put my own PaintJobs and see them all. But any script that probe did not work.
  12. Hola, intento hacer un Script para poder meter, los PaintJobs que diseñes para que la gente los pueda ver. Pero no se por donde empezar. ¿Me pueden ayudar?
  13. oh, what a shame. Thanks I correct it and I will try. Upload the result. IMG_Fail Now this error.
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