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  1. Hello every one , im looking for a scripter to script a new type of scripts for mta [ ofc its Lua and the normal stuff ] but what i mean is like to script another game inside mta server [ i hope u got my point ] well contact me here on the form and ill tell the ideas that i got and i can pay u normaly as a scripter or u can get a profit from the server like we do , thx for reading
  2. update : house system new mods HD no lags ( if there is )
  3. New updates 19/6/18 : more stunt points more vehicles mods more drift maps more stunt maps
  4. Description of me hello every one , well im 20y old and i dont know how script ( im learning to ) , i created this server just to have fun with you guys , and last thing is that i dont speak english well Media Well these days ill work on adding alot alot of stunt points to make it more fun . ill add more maps every day or 3 , and there is one event in this days and its Lava event its an lava is rising up in all the world and u have to escape from it like to get on some thing higher that the lava and the last one alive will win and i created a map for that to make the player race to the top of the finish and only one player can enter the finish and when he enters he will close the way on the players and ill be doing alot of thing in the server while im free . pictures Server Details Full Name : [UGW] UnderGround World Events/Drift/Maps/RealRoads/Fun/Honda/BMW/Stunt/Mods+100 IP : mtasa:// thx for reading
  5. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته يا جماعه انا فتحت سيرفير جديد واتمنا ينال اعجابكم طبعا المودات من هنا وهناك سيرفير بس علشان نفلها مو اكثر هذا رابط الموضوع الرئيسي وهذا اسم السيرفير [UGW] UnderGround World Events/Drift/Maps/RealRoads/Fun/Honda/BMW/Stunt/Mods+100 وهذا الاي بي mtasa:// اتمنى دخولكم وتنورونا ومثل ما قلت بالموضوع الرئيسي مافي الا ادمن واحد والي هو انا علشان لا يكون في تخريب وكذا
  6. hello every one , well im new at mta forum as i said in the first topic of myn so i created a server just to have fun so the name of the server is : [UGW] UnderGround World Events/Drift/Maps/RealRoads/Fun/Honda/BMW/Stunt/Mods+100 mtasa:// the main topic :
  7. Hello every one , well im new here , i knew MTA SA for years but its my first time to be here so , i need a scripter for a zombie or survival server ( i hope 4 both ) i have a good ideas for the server and i want to know if there is a way to script them my ideas is : to make a zombie + survival + horror server ( no one has done it before ) it will be the Top1 on Mta sa servers and im sure of that but i need a good scripter to make The impossible contact me on skype : thx for reading