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  1. im selling it so if ur intersted contact me , if not keep ur comments to ur self please thx for ur comments any ways
  2. then do it btw is not only a design its 100% functional
  3. Hello every one , well i already opened a server with this resources but i didnt manage it well the server still open right now and the host will end on 3th nov if u want to live test and now i want to sell it if any one intrested with buying just contact me here on Forum or on discord : Freaky403#5424 the multigamemode has 4 rooms : ffa tdm tdm2 chill and 2 more rooms : options and soon i was planning to open soon in the next update but i got no time and i didnt manage the server as it needed Resources Source : Open Resources Price : 50 USD Wi
  4. Do u have something to people can contact u ? as discord or something Freaky403#5424 this is my name on discord i got multigamemode for sale
  5. Hello every one , well i made a server in mta and i created a discord server for it if u like to join here is the link : https://discord.gg/bPT2gSd wish u good luck in it thx for reading
  6. يسلمو يا شباب , ويبارك فيكم مشكلتي بالاشهار والله مو اكثر والباقي موجود باذن الرحمن الي يقدر يساعد بالاشهار يعطيني خبر بالدسكورد وانا باذن الرحمن ما راح اقصر معاه Freaky403#5424 ورابط الدسكورد موجود بالموضوع للي يحب يدخل
  7. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته اسم السيرفير : ▉ The Scorpions ▉ | FFA - TDM - Chill - Shop + LevelSys الاي بي : mtasa:// اقصى عدد لاعبين : 75 الصور : اللوبي يتضمن عدة غرف بداخله : FFA : هذه الغرفه تقدر تقتل فيها الجميع يعني الجميع ضد الجميع مافيها تيمات TDM : هذه الغرفه حرب تيم ديث ماتش فريقين ضد بعض TDM 2 : هذه الغرفه نفس الي قبلها لاكن تم اضافتها لتقليل عدد اللاعبين Chill : ساحة الانتظار ممنوع فيها الحرب بتاتا + موجود فيها شوب الاسلحه Settings : اعدادات تغير باسورد الحساب
  8. Hello every one , TheScorpions Server just opend : name : ▉ The Scorpions ▉ | FFA - TDM - Chill - Shop + LevelSys | ▉ EN / AR ▉ ip : mtasa:// Max players : 75 Pictures in-game : In Lobby u can find : *FFA room : Free for all ( no teams ) *TDM room ( two teams : lions and hawks ) *TDM II room ( two teams : alpha and delta ) *Chill room ( a place to chill + shop system ) *Settings ( only to change account password any time u need ) *Soon ( will be unlocked in the next update ) Firs
  9. Hello every one , well we need admins to our server Our server will be war server with special idea [ not even in mta yet ] so what we need is : one who speaks AR very well ( Already Have ) one who speaks EN very well one who speaks TR very well one who speaks RUS very well *also all admins must speak EN very well *Admin panel will not be Fully Unlocked as ur one of this Ranks ur job is to keep an eye on people who speaks this languages If ur EN admin then ur job is only with EN people Same is TR and RUS thx for reading cont
  10. Hello every one , im looking for a scripter to script a new type of scripts for mta [ ofc its Lua and the normal stuff ] but what i mean is like to script another game inside mta server [ i hope u got my point ] well contact me here on the form and ill tell the ideas that i got and i can pay u normaly as a scripter or u can get a profit from the server like we do , thx for reading
  11. update : house system new mods HD no lags ( if there is )
  12. New updates 19/6/18 : more stunt points more vehicles mods more drift maps more stunt maps
  13. Description of me hello every one , well im 20y old and i dont know how script ( im learning to ) , i created this server just to have fun with you guys , and last thing is that i dont speak english well Media Well these days ill work on adding alot alot of stunt points to make it more fun . ill add more maps every day or 3 , and there is one event in this days and its Lava event its an lava is rising up in all the world and u have to escape from it like to get on some thing higher that the lava and the last one alive will win and i created a map for that to make the player rac
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