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  1. ChisleLP

    Co-Driver can control car?

    why youre still reposting it. Didn't i set it to solved? ...
  2. ChisleLP

    Co-Driver can control car?

    Yeah i founded this both already. No clue why you're reply again if i marked the thread as "solved"
  3. ChisleLP


    Hello... I have one question... It's this normal? every time if i restart the server, it my "SetElementData" gone. Example I set myself an ElementData Phone number. After server Restart, it's it gone... This below its a example and running on Server side. setElementData(thePlayer, "Phone", "12388282") Thanks
  4. ChisleLP

    Co-Driver can control car?

    Thanks, it worked.
  5. ChisleLP

    Co-Driver can control car?

    Hmmm then would be bindkey this?: bindKey ( player, "W", "down", "accelerate") (btw tested, didnd't work)
  6. ChisleLP

    Co-Driver can control car?

    Hey... I currently a little new. Or I would say, I'm not anymore new. So it started 2 days MTA Scripting (I can before Lua/Java) so its feel for me really easy. but now I'm thinking about: Is it there a way to make co-drivers can control the cars? I couldn't find the Events/Function for it. Thanks.
  7. ChisleLP

    Console spam boolean?

    Keiner hat über diesen text gefragt.
  8. ChisleLP

    Console spam boolean?

    Fixed by myself. i have to replace false instead "nil". Thanks. have a great day.
  9. ChisleLP

    Console spam boolean?

    Hey. im fresh to MTA Skript. (I can lua already before, i just watched a little Youtube How to Script MTA, so...) I did just this Simple Check who is the owner of the car. so, it work very fine! but if i just enter a unknow car (Just spawned with admin commands) it give me everytime Boolean Console output. How can i stop it? ^^ function createvehicle(player) local user = getPlayerName ( player ) local vehicle = createVehicle ( 411, -2417.43457, -616.68573, 132.6342, 0, 0, 0, " ".. user ) setElementData(vehicle, "Owner", user) end addCommandHandler ( "justtesting", createvehicle ) function enteracar (player) local vehicle = getPedOccupiedVehicle ( player ) local owner = getElementData(vehicle, "Owner") if owner ~= nil then outputChatBox("Diesen Fahrzeug gehört " .. owner) else return end end addEventHandler("onVehicleEnter", getRootElement(), enteracar)