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  1. I thought using onClientElementStreamIn would just run the code when a vehicle or player was streamed in, avoiding the creation of the blips all the time, but you're saying it gets created all the time, i don't get it now ... About the 8th argument, I want to keep seeing the cars in my map all the time, but only in GPS I want to restrict it to 1000m. Just solve this problem by adding the created blips in a table and checking if the size of the vehicle pool was different from the size of the vehicle table, and later checking for streamed out elements and removing the vehicles from the vehicle table. Sorry for bothering instead of thinking ...
  2. I'm trying to create a blip with a icon id of 51 in all the cars in my server, but as soon as I add more cars it starts lagging, how can I iterate through all of them without lagging?!