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  1. Hello buddy. No I do not. However, I got messenger if you want to speak to me. I am currently not close to a PC. Add me on facebook. https://m.facebook.com/kurtsits.istvan?tsid=0.7516558006218791&source=result
  2. Hello, I have read and accepted the rules of posting, but please, understand the fact that I am trying to give away as least amount of information as possible, to keep my ideas to myself and the person/staff I will work with. So, let’s begin The idea popped up in my head, around one year ago. I have created a server on SA:MP, called Project Disaster, which was a Hungarian Server. The server had a great/creative back story, about natural disasters taking place on Earth and only 1% of humanity (or less) has survived the chaos. The server mode was around 50% done, with a lot of potencial, where it had to be cut off, because of a very simple but annoying reason; hackers. It had no point of of a survival experience, if people could see you from miles away and make you fly, walk through walls. So, I stopped the project, sadly. But now I am thinking about creating the project again, but this time on MTA, and with a little change: taking survival to the infamous Walking Dead universe. As I am completely new to the English community, especially at MTA, first of I am looking for reliable developers. Obviously, paid (I know, quality cost money but I am sure we can figure out the amount in Private) so short: I am looking for a developer that can create a Zombie Roleplay mode for me, with a lot of creative ideas in the near future. If you are interested, comment here or ask for my Facebook in private please. I am a serious person with 10 years of roleplay experience, easy and fun to get along with. In more detail, PM
  3. Yes, I correctef myself. I do not look for a web developer, I look for someone who knows LUA well, to develop. Anyone has any suggestions by any chance?
  4. Sorry I meant forum, not server retard alert
  5. Hello. I am new on this server, so please, if this is the wrong place to open this topic, move it to the correct place. So my question is very simple. How much would a scripter ask for a mod, which allows players to experience a Post Apocalyptic RP situation? And who would be the best person to contact? Cheers
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