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  1. [RPG]SAUG:RPG |3.5| [English]

    If mta for SAUR no servers rpg will be open we liked system of SAUR so we worked hard to made it and if you don't like so don't come/reply
  2. Server Name:SAUG:RPG | 2.5 | Cops, 'n Robbers, Civilians, Government, Turfs, Clans, Bases Ip: Port:28715 Verison:2.5 Gamemode:RPG screenShot:https://imgur.com/a/8sbrT Owner:Tando/Venom Forum:sasaug.boards.net Discord:https://discord.gg/bqBX7R ------------------------------------------- Information about server:- <<<<<<<<<!>>>>>>>>> you will check it at F3 in server (SAUG:RPG) But i will tell you about news: Group System Admin Panel Turfs Jail system Warzone Spawners jetpack Mask Panel News system Gift system Peak system
  3. Help plz

    Hello guys, My Server name SART i have Login NG+CIT and i didn't have /am, all players from Egypt can't join my server without VPN and me too ! any one know how to fix or have script give me it plz plz plz i can do anything for fix that