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  1. Scripting Godmode for specific Team

    When changed "and" to "or" in the "if" condition in client, it worked. Totally appreciate your help, you've been a big help to me.. I spent almost a day trying to figure it out why its giving me errors thats not fixable, till you came with the idea of having it in Client instead of server which I did not notice. Thank you very much. Also, thanks for the people who tried to help me giving me hints eventho it didn't work. But, I highly appreciate your help. Thanks. Lock requested.
  2. Scripting Godmode for specific Team

    I'm defining staff with ACL admin group if hes in it or not. But that has nothing to do with the "GOD MODE" right? As I can specify it for Teams not for staff. So basically, I'm trying to specifing god mode for STAFF TEAM meanwhile checking if hes actually a staff to do it.
  3. Scripting Godmode for specific Team

    @Shay103, it doesnt work either. It doesnt even let me become GOD as a staff.
  4. Scripting Godmode for specific Team

    Can I've some help here?
  5. Scripting Godmode for specific Team

    @Default, it doesn't work. It gives me no error but still, as a staff taking DMG & as a criminal still taking DMG. Inb4, as a staff didnt take DMG and it continued like that whenever I leave the StaffTeam. Now, it doesnt work at all.
  6. addEventHandler("onPlayerLogin",getRootElement(), function () local account = getPlayerAccount(thePlayer) if (not account or isGuestAccount(account)) then return end local accountName = getAccountName(account) local team = getPlayerTeam (thePlayer) if (team) then if (getTeamName(team) == "Staff Team") then if ( isObjectInACLGroup ( "user.".. accountName, aclGetGroup ( "Admin" ) ) ) then if getElementData(thePlayer,"invincible") then setElementData(thePlayer,"invincible",true) else setElementData(thePlayer,"invincible",false) end end end end end ) As the title says, while googling and with my small experience, I came up with this script, all I want is to be GODMODE when sat to "Staff Team" ((((StaffTeam = createTeam ( "Staff Team", 255, 255, 255 ) ))))) Once I leave staffteam Godmode turns off. Once I enter it, Godmode turns on. This code doesn't work... :3