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  1. you guys should really read the post again
  2. you can literally find an answer for that without writing all that https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shader
  3. this can be done by scripting, having it as a feature will just waste the developers time in my opinion
  4. بغض النظر عن جنسية المشتري او اصله.. لغة الجمع لغة الجهلاء من سياسات اللعبة ان ماتحمي اللي يعرض اغراضه وآمور سيرفره للسرقة وبعدين يصيح ويقول فلوسي راحت فالهوا.. انت اللي تحمي اغراضك بنفسك الا ادا كنت غافل عن الشي مثل المثل اللي يقول القانون لا يحمي المغفلين
  5. في سيرفرات بمستوى عالي فالجودة والتفاصيل وشغل عربي 100% بس يسوون نفسهم مايشوفون
  6. Made one, just a demo (Imgur), It's made with a web designing software that makes it exportable as a .sketch file that contains CSS & XAML files to be used later.
  7. you can't guarantee that all servers that you've already played on does have infallible scripts, even with high-end PC specifications it's impossible to run the game at a stable status since every server have it's unique script.
  8. probably much more less than that
  9. good job, 1.6 gonna be something else!
  10. Haxardous

    Change MTA serial

    no one can change your serial, it's meant to be unchangeable to approve that you is you. Translated to Polish/ przetłumacz na polski: nikt nie może zmienić twojego numeru seryjnego, ma to być niezmienne, aby potwierdzić, że jesteś tobą.
  11. https://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=16149 Delete it please. (uploaded by mistake) DONE
  12. There's no Kurdish channel on MTA's Discord?
  13. You may have bad internet connection speed or the server you're trying to connect to is having connection issues, if you're sharing your internet with somebody is you can ask him to stop using it and try to connect again if that didn't work, i highly recommend you to contact your ISP to have a better internet plan.