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  1. then it's probably related to it
  2. can you try resetting your binds? settings > binds > reset
  3. الله يرحم الساعة... والله اياام
  4. it's a server related issue
  5. there's a problem probably so, am sure a staff will inform you when it's back on working
  6. those resources probably contains client sided files only, if you've got the idea you could just replicate it.
  7. can you please send a better explaination about your issue? like sending a screenshot
  8. saving money is done by scripting, you can save them by mySQL or bool setAccountData()
  9. can you screenshot the error that pops up when you try to join a server?
  10. do you mean they're loud or like "cracked"
  11. غالباً سبب فرض هالشي عشان نظام الحماية للحالات اللي مثلاً احد لو انحظر وحاول بنظام وهمي يتخطى البان بمصلحة ان يتغير السيريال