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  1. thanks to everyone who worked on this release!
  2. you have to wait for few hours (should be visible by now)
  3. Haxardous

    no limit

    the skins thing is already implemented
  4. this laptop isn't even suitable for nowadays office work
  5. -- just upload it to imgur.com or something
  6. then it's probably related to it
  7. can you try resetting your binds? settings > binds > reset
  8. الله يرحم الساعة... والله اياام
  9. it's a server related issue
  10. there's a problem probably so, am sure a staff will inform you when it's back on working
  11. those resources probably contains client sided files only, if you've got the idea you could just replicate it.
  12. can you please send a better explaination about your issue? like sending a screenshot
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