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  1. - pawn/AMX https://github.com/multitheftauto/amx - https://github.com/projectlua/mta-typescript-sdk
  2. You've posted the same post on https://forum.mtasa.com/forum/71-scripting/ so please delete this one (or report and make a removal request)
  3. 1. make sure you've created an account and logged in. 2. find the page you're willing to translate. 3. click the "edit" button. (as shown in the following picture) In case if it's not created yet: - get its URL & add a /"language name shortcut"/ after /wiki/ for e.g. for Deutsche the shortcut is DE so it should be /DE/ as shown in the following picture: Happy translating @Erlkonig
  4. For images/textures (in PNG format) checkout this post:
  5. Please do a dxdiag, you might get a faster help
  6. unfortunately you're forced to use v-sync or borderless windowed mode
  7. uh I guess you're using a leaked gamemode that uses a custom user system lol -- you have to give yourself permissions from the ACL file and use the default login system (by commands)
  8. are you sure you have enough permissions?
  9. thanks to everyone who worked on this release!
  10. you have to wait for few hours (should be visible by now)
  11. Haxardous

    no limit

    the skins thing is already implemented
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