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  1. Bah, that's like a 1000 times better than anything I could have done... 1000 x 1000 Good work... *goes off to envy and sulk*
  2. MTA had problems connecting or something and i think gta crashed... anyway i saw a message saying weapon.dat or weapon.original caould not be replaced as it didnt exist, though it did... it reminded me that i'd seen that before early after i started using 0.4 I will try replacing that file with my original later tongiht and edit this post to say if it fixes it or not. eAi you're on the right track. I had a peek at the mta version of my weapon file and the katana's animation is different, i'm guessing you couldnt let people chop other's heads off or stab them in the chest as these are one-hit
  3. Regarding game time limits, this should be something set on the server. 5 or 10 minutes can pass extremely quickly when playing MTA. Server admins should be able to configure settings for each game mode such as this.
  4. since installing MTA 0.4 i've noticed that my katana in single player doesn't function as well as it's supposed to. I can no longer chop people's heads off or stab them in the chest, merely slash at them. Could this be some after effect of MTA 0.4? The single player game seems to be a little slower too, which is odd, only in loading up a game or certain scenes... I cant figure any of it out but i miss choppin and stabbin at people. Any thoughts?
  5. Hehe... okay i'm not saying mta acutally makes my modem faster... but somehow the transfer rate increases dramatically. It's not windows 'catching up' though, because my isp disconnects me every 2 hours, what you're saying is kinda contradictory in this respect because... the rate is something i've worked out, using the amount of data that i've received and the time i've been online. Windows has nothing to catch up on I dont want to get too serious about this, it's a light-hearted thread, but also a true observation
  6. Cool, so you'd be able to find out how far away you are from another player? Sounds good as long as it doesn't reply to you "1 metre"... you'd spin round just in time to die, hehe.
  7. Is the button disabled / not clickable? If so it's probably because you're connected to a server. Make sure you're not on an MTA server and see if you can click the button now. If you still can't, the config is a text-based file in your MTA folder, so you could edit it with Notepad or any other text-editor by going to the folder where you installed MTA
  8. My questions weren't too serious... also the most a 56k modem gets usually, when like downloading an image or a file, is 5 or 6kb/sec if you're lucky... more often it's a measly 4... so getting a 3 fold increase is kinda special... i found it funny more than anything else, i'll leave the science to someone more qualified
  9. i suppose you could use VC's 'distance travelled' statisic, to say travel one mile in the stats, making a note of your start coords and end coords. Then use a bit of math and you could boil it down into a certain number of vc units to a metre or whichever unit of measurement you prefer. ...or you could just wait 'til someone smart comes and answers your question.
  10. I have your average 56k modem, and when playing MTA I've noticed a huge amount of transfer... that's fine and there's no problems or anything, but i worked out that my modem is recieving almost 1MB per minute while playing. That's about 17k/sec Now how can i make my modem go like that ALL the time? And how come my ping still sucks more than a ...sucky thing? Just thought it was funny, mods can delete this if they feel it's of no value.
  11. Please dont think i'm tryin' to steal your idea, merely add my own interpretation of it... Not being able to see other players could create very long drawn-out games, two options based on this 'blindness' 1) Players appear on your radar UNTIL they are within a certain distance (still out of visual range by player's character, but perhaps just about shown on radar), their blip then vanishes and you're left watching your back VERY closely 2) Restricted weapons, Restricted area of the map... go out and you either disqualify yourself or die. Good for housing complexes or back-alleys. Players d
  12. apologies if something similar has already been suggested, but there's 19 pages and i need to be in bed soon. Not got a name for this yet but i'm sure something cheesy could be drummed up: One player has access to the Hunter, and it's weapons work. All other players are charged with bringing the heli down, they are all equipped with rocket launchers (or i suppose you could vary heavy weps), perhaps a machine gun and light armor too. It's the hunter pilot's task to either take out static targets which the other players could guard, but wouldn't start right next to... or the pilot would have t
  13. I dont do GTA3 with MTA, I only have vice city installed... but there's nothing wrong with car killing. Yes it can be annoying if you're on the receiving end, and the bugger just keeps lerching back n forth smashing into your legs and not letting you get away... but if you see someone in a car and they aren't willing to get out, you have means of persuasion, usually in the form of an automatic weapon or powerful shotgun... and you can always hop onto anything slightly elevated, and jump out of the way. In this game you have to watch your back because someone else will always be aiming for it.
  14. I'd recommend Jasc's Paint Shop Pro too... it also has a Batch Converter, handy for changing all those bitmap screenies into jpg's in one go
  15. This is obviously a hot topic... I voted yes, I do think the weapons on the Hunter should be enabled... and I would support the limited ammo as long as it could be replenished... even if that meant the player in the Hunter had to land somewhere and wait for X seconds til it was re-armed. I'm not in favour of slowing down the fire rate, or making it less deadly. You can still take it down with a well placed rocket... and there's plenty of avenues, alleyways and what not to hide yourself in. The Hunter isn't super easy to control, and in a fast car, I'm sure you'd be able to avoid it until you c
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