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  1. Pirulax

    protect local html files

    Inject it using executeBrowserJavaScript
  2. Pirulax

    Some troubles with creating gui

    use GUIRoot instead(it's a predefined variable. You can see the list of predefined variables here).
  3. Pirulax

    [Help] Blending with the environment resource

    I wouldn't set a timer to 100ms(50 is the min btw) on server-side.. Nah, try printing getPlayerIdleTime() with print()
  4. Pirulax

    getElementData error in setTimer

    you need to supply 'thePlayer' as an argument to setTimer. setTimer(function(thePlayer ) if getElementData(thePlayer, "asd.asd") then outputChatBox("asd", thePlayer, 255, 255, 255, true) end end, 1000*3, 0, thePlayer)
  5. Pirulax

    Bone_attach problem

    Do a 360-newangle
  6. Pirulax

    Run code from website

    There is the 'runcode' resource for that. There is a web for it too.
  7. Pirulax


    Source of 'onClientRender' is client's root element.
  8. Pirulax

    car wheel rotation question

    Sure, you can create objects, and set their position according to getVehicleComponentPosition.
  9. Pirulax

    car wheel rotation question

  10. Pirulax

    [HELP] random Play sound

  11. Pirulax

    [HELP] Cases system

    dxDrawImage() dxSetRenderTarget() dxCreateRenderTarget() -- for loop -- some variables math.random() math.randomseed(getTickCount()+math.random(getTickCount()) -- onClientClick -- onClientRender -- maybe onClientKey
  12. Pirulax

    Prevent stealing .html designs

    As I said you can simply inject everything with some JS knowledge
  13. Pirulax

    getTime condition

  14. Pirulax

    getTime condition

    Please remove that background color, or whatever is that, because it's ugly like this. So. He haven't said that it's in a loop, he just gave us a code with an 'if' statement.
  15. Pirulax

    getTime condition

    That's physically impossible. Why would it run more than once?