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  1. Pirulax

    I need a little advice with metatables

    Well, setting takes way more time than getting it, just because the :~ty way its implemented in. for some reason everything is in CStaticFunctionDefinitions.cpp, even those things which are CLASS specific, for example, when you set an element data a new value, you'd expect that the CCustomData class should send a packet to the client to request them to refresh their data, but... NO, it doesn't. And that's not a big of a deal, at all.. But, take a look at the way setElementData is implemented...
  2. Pirulax

    [HELP] How can i hide my scripts

    he said he doesn't wont the clients to redownload the files by the way, PUBG servers use the magic attribute called 'cache' with a value of 'false' in the meta.
  3. Pirulax

    I need a little advice with metatables

    For the sake of god, dont use element data If possible avoid it, it's slow af.(indexing is 30x times faster if I recall correctly)
  4. Pirulax

    roleplay scripting

    "Google translating gone sexual"
  5. Pirulax

    Autocomplete for IDE

    That's only for Notepad++ isn't it?
  6. Pirulax

    Open Source

    You can have your own version of MTA, yes, but you must keep it open source bc of the license.
  7. Pirulax

    [HELP] Whole text height calculating

    You may want to use functions from the utf8 lib instead, because Lua doesn't handle utf8 chars that well, for example Hungarian letters: é, á, ő, and so on I mean, it should actually work with gmatch as well, but for example :gsub with Hungarian letters isn't a working thing 😅
  8. Pirulax

    [HELP] Heal system

    Stop using element data for everything, please.
  9. Pirulax

    Applying a dynamic depth bias to a shader possible?

    You can actually call a function to get depth bias like so: DepthBias = GetDynamicDepthBias(); If that helps you.
  10. Pirulax

    Getting an applied shader/texture's world position?

    You can do that in the shader itself actually.
  11. Pirulax


    It's unrealistically accurate
  12. Pirulax

    [HELP] Equalizer on Car

    getSoundTTFData dxCreateRenderTarget dxSetRenderTarget dxDrawRectangle dxCreateShader("TEXTURE gTexture; technique default {Pass P0 {Texture[0] = gTexture}} technique fallback {Pass P0{}}") dxSetShaderValue Maybe the shader has some errors, but fix them if it does.
  13. Pirulax

    Days with datetime MySQL and MTA or Lua function

    I'd store a simple timestamp, then use getRealTime(timestamp), and there you go
  14. Pirulax

    [HELP] Rotating the image of the minimap.

    I'd rather use a shade than a rt, with AddressU and V set to 'Border' and BorderColor to the color of water. But if you want to do it in Lua, then, set the rt, draw a rectangle with the color of water, then draw the image.
  15. Pirulax

    Create one shader but replace multiple textures

    By the way, I created 10k shaders, it doesn't lag at all, because it's just a simple texture replace.