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  1. Hello, everyone! I understand that cars that have paint jobs in the normal gta sa have the ability to carefully add paint jobs to them (via scripts etc.) and other cars that don't can just get 1 overall paintjob. Problem is I can't find the templates for those few cars so I could create my own paint job. I've been searching for hours, but still can't find a single one! Anyone can help me? Thank you!
  2. lopexsw

    Car mods

    How exactly are car mods made? I know more or less how to install them, but how do people phisically make them and open while making them?
  3. Okay this is my 2nd interior atempt: http://imgur.com/a/hmEzD Tell me your thots!
  4. I just want to get normal, different disigns of walls to make a house... Not use a51 doors that i have heard from somewhere else... I have also heard that they place samp object in the editor, but if you do that, how can you place the map then on your server or someone elses server? They wont have the samp objects.
  5. @Ridransh Thank you! I only have one problem... How do I get walls, doorways and floors? Ive seen few videos doing it. Like making it completely custom.. I want to do that, so I can make a cool interior for my organization. For some reason I can't find the walls etc. in the editors object list.. Please help!
  6. Okay so I just started mapping and I made a nice place for my organization in a server (It's not yet ON the server) I want to make a interior to go with it, how do I go about doing that? Usually you get into interiors, by going into elevators on the server, that admins can place too! I want to make a interior to get on the server via submission, so a admin can make elevator to it. I want to make it absolutely by myself. I heard you need to do it, high, very high in the air.. Okay you can do that easily, but like where? Can I just make it anywhere in the normal map? Do I have to create a new map or can I do it in the same one as my organizations mapping? Do I have to load a interrior and then from that far away make mine? If so wouldn't that replace for example that 24/7 interior with mine? Any and all help is appreciated! Thanks!
  7. I appreciate it really much, but this part is completely new to me and I didnt understand non of it... local VehicleID = getElementModel(getPedOccupiedVehicle( thePlayer )) for i, v in pairs (AllowedVehicle) do if VehicleID == v then The I and V and pairs are like wtf? Can u please explain or just make it less efficiant, but easier to understand..
  8. function spawnMower() createVehicle( 572, -- will edit when time end end addEventHandler ( "onResourceStart", resourceRoot(), spawnMower ) function giveoptions( thePlayer, seat, jacked) if getElementModel(getPedOccupiedVehicle( thePlayer )) ~= 572 then return end --if not in mower then just stop! if (getElementModel (source) == 572) then outputChatBox( "Do /startmowing to start mowing the grass!", getRootElement(), 10,255,0, false) end end addEventHandler('onVehicleEnter', root, giveoptions) function mowing(thePlayer) outputChatBox("Drive through the red checkpoints to mow the grass!", getRootElement(),10,255,0,false) addCommandHandler("startmowing", mowing, false, false) Okay, I had some free time, this is what I got, obviously if you can point out some mistakes and things that I should to, to improve the script! So problems I faced and didn't really quite know what to do in: function mowing(thePlayer) outputChatBox("Drive through the red checkpoints to mow the grass!", getRootElement(),10,255,0,false) addCommandHandler("startmowing", mowing, false, false) 1. What do I place in the "Function mowing ()" brackets? I was quite confused here, since it's not just a event handler where you place the events arguments. 2. In my opinion (without any help yet) I got to the part, where I need to place checkpoints. I want to place 1 checkpoint then when the player with his mower drives in it, make it disapear and make a new one somewhere else.
  9. So hello everyone it's me, Lopex, once again! Today I have thought of something new I can try to make! It's a mower job! The idea is that a player goes to some mowers that would be spawner in Glen Park, then get on them and have a option like /startmowing in chat, then when they do such command they get told in chat to start driving around, and as they drive around Glen Park they would have a little bar on their screen that fills up and when it's full it goes away and gives you some money! So steps that I believe will be required: Spawn the vehicle via spawnVehicle (coords, rotation) After spawning the vehicle we check if the player is in that vehicle If it's a mower then you get the option in chat, if not then nothing After player does the certain command they start mowing and are required to drive around. It displays a little bar that fills up as they drive When set bar is full, they recieve a certain amount of money! (Doesn't get affected by speed or vehicle hp!!!) Displays the option to start mowing again. So.. The thing I am confused about is weather to use spawnVehicle or createVehicle... Like what is the difference? I want the mower to be there all the time, not by set event, so mabey we want to do onResourceStart ? Or can we just do a cmd like spawnVehicle or createVehicle alone, without any event or anything, just at the top of the script? Also I got confused by one more thing.. If let's say I do something like: function spawnMower(--what do I place here?) --And I don't mean only on the event "onResourceStart" I mean like overall what do I place there? addEventHandler(onResourceStart, getRootElement(), spawnMower) As I say it there... What do I place in those () brackets? Does it work like: Since I have onResourceStart (Which doesn't have any arguments) I don't need to place anything there? But if it let's say had something with like 2 arguments, then I need to place those there? Someone please help me out with my questions and remember! THE AIM IS FOR ME TO LEARN NOT TO GET A FINISHED SCRIPT FAST! I will make a mini-script as far as I think I can take it. When I get home that is. Thanks for all your patience to read this and thanks if you replied in any, shape or form!
  10. You most likely nailed it exactly, BUT MY AIM ISN'T TO GET A SERVER LEVEL SCRIPT TO USE! My aim is to learn how to do this all, so no offence, but I didn't learn almost crap from this Would you be willing to get in contact or something and possibly explain this and/or teach me a bit?
  11. function giveoptions( thePlayer, seat, jacked) if (getElementModel (source) == 508) then outputChatBox( "Do /cookmeth to start cooking methamphetamine!", getRootElement(), 10,255,0, false) function cook (thePlayer, command) if inventory[player]['Gas Mask'] >= 1 and inventory[player]['Hidrogen Poroxide'] >= 1 and inventory[player]['Toxic soap'] >= 1 then outputChatBox("Now wait while the methamphetamine is beeing cooked", getRootElement(), 10,255,0,false) setElementFrozen(thePlayer, true) setTimer(setElementFrozen,180000, 1, false) --Start timer on clients screen --After, give the item outputChatBox("You have succesfully made some methamphetamine!", getRootElement(), 10,255,0,false) else outputChatBox("You don't have the required ingredients to cook methamphetamine!", 10,255,0,false) end end else nil end end addEventHandler ("onVehicleEnter", getRootElement(), giveoptions) addCommandHandler("cookmeth", cook) Okay, so this is what I've got so far.. I do not have any inventory, nor client side timer yet! So the idea here is that, first it check the cars model if its = to 508, then it tells you the option of cooking meth, otherwise it doesn't do anything. Then if you do /cookmeth then it will trigger the function "Cook", then if a player has that random crap in theyr inv, they get a msg that it's cooking ad get frozen for 3 mins, then when the timer ends they should recieve a item (Not yet made that part) and after that, get a msg that they have made some meth, otherwise it says you don't have the ingredients. Problems I faced that I would like some help with: I didn't get quite how the "addCommandHandler" works, since I know to enter the name without the / as first argument, to create a cmd in-game, but the other one i didn't quite understand from the wiki! How do I check if a play does a certain cmd? I undestood it as if someone does cookmeth, it will trigger my function "cook", thus starting the if etc. If I do a timer via "setTimer" does that mean, that ONLY AFTER the timer has run out, the next line of code will go? For ex where I do the 3 min timer, that only after the 3 minutes, it will continue, thus giving the person the end product? Okay so as always any help is appreciated and remember the #1 goal here is for me to learn how to do this! It doesn't matter for me to get this on a server or something!
  12. Hello everyone, It's Lopexsw again here! So I have thought of a new script I want to make with your (The Pro scripters) help! My aim is to make a script that when a player gets into a certain vehicle for example Journey 508 they have the option to do /cookmeth and then if they have the required ingredients in their inventory, they can start cooking meth! But if for example they don't have a gas mask (Which is possible to get in the server I play, but I doubt this script will be there ever.) they're health would go a bit down while they do it! So as I see the steps are something along the lines of this: When a player gets into a vehicle, check what vehicle that is. If it's a Journey (id 508) then display message in chat that they have a option to cook meth. *If it's not a journey don't show anything* When the player writes /cookmeth check they'r inventory for certain items. If they have the certain items, then freeze them for 3 minutes. *If not, display message you can't do it* At the same time display a countdown of the 3 minutes saying "3 minutes of cooking remaining" or something like that that goes down. After 3 minutes, unfreeze the player. Take the items required and give the meth to the player! So 1 problem that I thought of, is this client side or a server side script? I think it's server sided. As always, any help is hugely appreciated, and I will try to make something myself too, not just get a result from you guys! #1 priority is learning! #2 is a done well made script for someone's server! I think this will be a very intresting script!
  13. IT WORKED! Thank you guys! You are the best! I will most likely soon, make a new post, thus continueing my learning! Thank you alot for this! The script works exactly, like I want it to! Mods can lock this
  14. Thank you, but how the hell do I fix that garage door??? Help! Also since I haven't changed anything from what you said I should be in freeroam, but I don't have anything on F1 and the "gp" or "/getpos" or anything along those lines doesn't show my coordinates. (I have the newest version of the game)
  15. Whell, the gp doesn't work, but I'm not sure what you mean by "If you're running freeroam" Cause I literally am just running the server, I haven't messed with the servers options yet or auto loading resources. Thanks on the info about the meta files, that helped. I'm currently messing around with the numbers to try to get it to work... No luck so far. Edit: Okay, I have no freaking idea what I'm doing wrong, but it just won't work
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