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  1. Forthwind

    Dying function in place loses money ???? HELP

    onPlayerWasted setPlayerMoney
  2. Forthwind

    [Help] Roleplay Server Start there.
  3. Forthwind

    [LF] Looking for a Partner for a Project

    Sure i'll join, sent you a msg on discord
  4. Forthwind

    [Roleplay] Legacy Roleplay [English]

    You will be buying an owl copy with a new login screen and some other tiny modifications.
  5. Yeah, that still exists. But I don't understand why someone would put in so much time for someone else's project just for 'coding satisfaction', most scripters would then just work on their own projects or apply for a community that is already on their feet or something they like. I've seen many rp servers come to this forum section, ask absurd requirements from potential developers, offer nothing in return. Let me also answer how many players applied: 0 Good luck with finding someone tho.
  6. You're asking all these things from developers but you offer nothing in return. Do you really expect someone to join?
  7. Forthwind

    How to check if a commandHandler already exist?

    Use getCommandHandlers Check mta wiki for explenation.
  8. Forthwind

    getElementsWithinColShape problem

    No, this was just a test run. After everything works fine I'm ofc going to switch over from commands to events.
  9. Forthwind

    getElementsWithinColShape problem

    Yeah I am doing everything from scratch, I just ran into this problem and couldn't figure out why the colshape couldn't detect the item. (item created after colshape was created). I'm guessing it's not possible for this way to be detected so I'll revamp my code so it'll create the items before the colshape. Long answer short. Yeah, making a pickup script.
  10. Forthwind

    getElementsWithinColShape problem

    If this's the only way, then I'll revamp my code so it'll create the object first and afterwards the colshape. Thanks.
  11. Forthwind

    getElementsWithinColShape problem

    Greetings, I've got a small problem with getElementsWithinColShape, the script for some reason doesn't seem to be able to detect if there are any items in the colshape. I've tried some bugfixing myself and the only way I could sort of make it work was by first creating the object and afterwards create the colshape. Any other way of doing it, it tells me there's no object inside the colshape. I've gone through the wiki and all it says is: "Please note that for legacy reasons, a colshape created on the client does not collide with elements already existing at that location until they first move". My code is created in serverside, and the objects are created -after- the colshape is created. On line 30 it checks if checkColz is above 0. It never continues from here because it never counts any object that is inside the colshape. batspawns = {} function allRandomz(source, commandName, dimension) maxBats = 25 spawnedBats = 0 spawnedKnives = 0 spawnedRifles = 0 spawnedShotguns = 0 if (#batspawns == 0) then for i, v in pairs(bats) do checkCol = createColSphere(bats[i][1], bats[i][2], bats[i][3], 3) finalBats = {x = bats[i][1], y = bats[i][2], z = bats[i][3], col = checkCol} table.insert(batspawns, finalBats) end end while spawnedBats < maxBats do randombat = math.random(1, #bats) taken = false for i, v in pairs(batspawns) do if i == randombat and isElement(v['col']) then checkColz = #getElementsWithinColShape(v['col'], 'object') foundDimension = getElementsWithinColShape(v['col'], "object") if checkColz > 0 then outputChatBox("is it different? " .. checkColz) -- Never outputs this, checkColz is always 0 (no elements found in colshape) for i, v in pairs(foundDimension) do if getElementDimension(v) == dimension then taken = true break else taken = false end end elseif checkColz == 0 then taken = false end end end if taken == false then newbat = createObject(336, batspawns[randombat]['x'], batspawns[randombat]['y'], batspawns[randombat]['z']) setElementDimension(newbat, dimension) spawnedBats = spawnedBats + 1 end end end addCommandHandler("spawnit", allRandomz)
  12. Bro. MTARP has/had a donation system and a good 80% of the roleplayers have been boycotting that server for years now. Other than that, you can't be too strict on players. You're trying to make everything feel like real life, you shouldn't take the fun away from the player. If I am a player and I'm forced to login everyday to open a shop to earn money, I'm going to quit playing. The roleplay experience should be realistic, but shouldn't feel like a job. You're playing to have fun, not forcing yourself online to keep your business going.
  13. Forthwind

    [QUESTION] Couple Scripting Questions

    1. You can either make a table such as: myTable = { [1] = [itemID, x, y, z), [2] = [itemID, x, y, z), --etc } function spawnObject() number = math.random(1, 2) -- First item and last item in table createObject(myTable[number][1], myTable[number][2], myTable[number][3], myTable[number][4]) end -- add some edits to make it loop whatever times you want it to loop, to spawn said items or, if you're working on a flat surface where z is always the same you can do: createObject(itemID, math.random(x first side, x other side), math.random(y first side, y other side), z) Althrough I would recommend using the first method as you got full control. 2. Haven't really had any experience with this but I'm suggesting you to read the wiki about getElementsByType.
  14. Forthwind


    Ipairs loops through all the rows of your table, with your code you only told the loop to create a vehicle for row 1 in your table. I remade the code my way, hope it'll help. vehicleList = { [1] = {422, -2409.80029, -598.06927, 132.64844}, [2] = {422, -2425.80981, -602.30896, 132.56250}, } function spawnCar() for i, v in ipairs(vehicleList) do veh = createVehicle(vehicleList[i][1], vehicleList[i][2], vehicleList[i][3], vehicleList[i][4]) end end addCommandHandler("spawncarz", spawnCar) i = index, meaning that when the loop starts it'll first go through everything in the first row of the table (this time it's [1], then it'll go through everything in the second row [2], etc. That's why I'm using vehicleList[(i)], because it'll first be 1, and when the loop completes the first section in the table, it'll become 2.
  15. Forthwind

    requset simple script for free [gang system]

    I'll put something together for you, will PM you lateron tonight.