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  1. Forthwind

    Question about Dx

    Those are individual rectangles put next to eachother. Download guieditor, make a rectangle, copy it, paste it, put it next/under the previous one. Done. Edit: Can also make the script add them using simple math.
  2. Forthwind

    [HELP] Group Markers

    Yeah because people are just randomly going to make that for you on request.
  3. Forthwind

    [ROLEPLAY] Warrior Gaming Roleplay

    Could you give us some information about the gamemode (script) you guys are using and any (possible) new features that you have added?
  4. Forthwind

    [ROLEPLAY] Kota Islands Roleplay

    You'd be better off saying it once here than repeating yourself numerous times on Discord.
  5. Forthwind

    [ROLEPLAY] Kota Islands Roleplay

    Can you tell us a bit more about the script other than the standard: "Working for some time to not miss stuff in the script and ensure good gameplay" line we've seen in every (bad) roleplay server advertisement?
  6. Forthwind

    MTA Offline Wiki

    @ShayF any chance you made it to a downloadable state?
  7. Forthwind

    [LF] Scripter for TV script [PAID]

    Don't be that guy.
  8. Forthwind

    [SELL] Vice City Roleplay

    He sold a bugged/broken gamemode and wont fix it. Too bad people still buying this piece of trash gamemode.
  9. Forthwind

    Dying function in place loses money ???? HELP

    onPlayerWasted setPlayerMoney
  10. Forthwind

    [Help] Roleplay Server Start there.
  11. Forthwind

    [LF] Looking for a Partner for a Project

    Sure i'll join, sent you a msg on discord
  12. Forthwind

    [Roleplay] Legacy Roleplay [English]

    You will be buying an owl copy with a new login screen and some other tiny modifications.
  13. Yeah, that still exists. But I don't understand why someone would put in so much time for someone else's project just for 'coding satisfaction', most scripters would then just work on their own projects or apply for a community that is already on their feet or something they like. I've seen many rp servers come to this forum section, ask absurd requirements from potential developers, offer nothing in return. Let me also answer how many players applied: 0 Good luck with finding someone tho.
  14. You're asking all these things from developers but you offer nothing in return. Do you really expect someone to join?
  15. Forthwind

    How to check if a commandHandler already exist?

    Use getCommandHandlers Check mta wiki for explenation.