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  1. Would you say using files is slower than db or is there more or less no speed/performance difference?
  2. It's true, I spoke to a SAMP administrator about it. MTA has been bought by SAMP and they are trying to make the change over happen by the end of this month.
  3. I'm not that type of person that leaks gamemodes. People have spent money to buy it, doesn't matter if the gamemode is trash or not (imo it is in it's current state). It'd be unfair to others if i would spread it around just like that. But i'm sure that if you really wanted to have this gamemode for free, you could do some digging and find it somewhere.
  4. Yeah, i have. A lot of the features are not working because pieces of code are missing, tables are removed etc. Inb4 you say that this was just my version, it was the same for 2 different persons that bought the script. There is even a team of developers working on the vcrp script just to optimise it / fix all the bull:~.
  5. That will never happen because these vcrp scripts are way too unoptimised and broken. The typical owl clone dev team doesn't possess enough skill and dedication to get it up and running. Owl is the easier choice for them.
  6. Those are individual rectangles put next to eachother. Download guieditor, make a rectangle, copy it, paste it, put it next/under the previous one. Done. Edit: Can also make the script add them using simple math.
  7. Yeah because people are just randomly going to make that for you on request.
  8. Could you give us some information about the gamemode (script) you guys are using and any (possible) new features that you have added?
  9. You'd be better off saying it once here than repeating yourself numerous times on Discord.
  10. Can you tell us a bit more about the script other than the standard: "Working for some time to not miss stuff in the script and ensure good gameplay" line we've seen in every (bad) roleplay server advertisement?
  11. @ShayF any chance you made it to a downloadable state?
  12. He sold a bugged/broken gamemode and wont fix it. Too bad people still buying this piece of trash gamemode.
  13. http://www.letmegooglethat.com/?q=mta+roleplay+gamemode Start there.
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